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McCabe or Harvey?

Who was better?

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Fuller Pilch

Cricketer Of The Year
Both were brilliant batsmen who averaged 48, both debuted at 19, both were Australian vice captains, and both were compared with Bradman.

Who do you think was better, and why?

Line and Length

International Captain
Two fine players indeed. In terms of longevity (albeit allowing for WWII interrupting McCabe's career) Harvey's performances (21 centuries) eclipse McCabe's (6). Being a left-hander added to Harvey's value plus the fact that he batted at primarily 3 and 4 (ahead of McCabe's 5) gives him another slight edge. On the other hand, McCabe had all-rounder claims with 36 Test wickets to his name.

However, it is hard to ignore the words of Don Bradman when describing McCabe's batting, " My eyes were filled as I drank in the glory of his shots… Such cricket I shall never see again nor shall I ever feel competent adequately to describe this elegant display...When Stan returned to our dressing room at the conclusion of this epic performance I was so moved by the superb majesty of his innings I could scarcely speak. However, I gripped his hand, wet with perspiration. He was trembling like a thoroughbred racehorse. I can recall saying to him after expressing my congratulations, 'I would give a great deal to be able to play an innings like that.' No skipper was ever more sincere in his adulation of another's skill."


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Stan McCabe, if for no other reason than he was one of only two batsman who showed how Bodyline could be countered, and he did so with a lot more style and panache than Douglas Jardine did


International Vice-Captain
Really tough choice here, McCabe whose career is defined by his exploits in Bodyline or Harvey who had that amazing peak through his early years. Probabky Harvey, barely though.


Hall of Fame Member
I feel it has to be Harvey, and clearly, but only slightly. McCabe was Bradmans capo, Harvey was tipped to follow his footsteps (been watching the sopranos, fantastic show)