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Man of the series poll

Who is MOTS?

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Lillian Thomson

International Coach
This is like a Monty Python thing with the Parrot Sketch not included. I'd go for Stokes just over Cummins. Archer gets sliced for not turning up at Old Trafford on the first day because it was a bit chilly.


Hall of Fame Member
The instant I saw this thread title on the page I was like "This is a joke right?"

Part of me wanted it to be serious

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
I must admit I did wonder about the "Hazelwood". That's the name of a holiday resort in Devon and the el or le causes people to end up in Majorca.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
If England do win this match today it's probable that the crowd will stay behind for the presentations. I hope Smith will get the standing ovation he deserves when he picks up the award. If anyone still boos when the cricket is over they need help.