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Mørkambe Mathemagicians


Hall of Fame Member
Welcome one, welcome all to the thread of the Mørkambe Mathemagicians!

Here is the current roster:

γ, Manan Shah
(1+√5)/2. Adam Collins
2²-1. Nick Hancock
2.5. Josh Forner
666/111. Andrew Garven
44*¼. Neil Pickup [icon player]
√(200-31). Alex Crampton
4². Blake Donald
4³. Matt Luff
1729. Jamee Gray [captain]

Morgan Burridge

Sanath Jayasuriya
Neil Carter
Garnett Kruger

Squad members, pick mathematical squad numbers!

More details as they come in!
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Should have used mathematical symbols instead of squad numbers IMO. ∝, √, ≈ etc :)


International 12th Man
As six is taken, I'll happily take three. Three is the first odd prime number, and the second smallest prime. It is both the first Fermat prime (22º + 1) and the first Mersenne prime (2² - 1), as well as the first lucky prime. However, it's the second Sophie Germain prime, the second Mersenne prime exponent, the second factorial prime (2! + 1), the second Lucas prime, the second Stern prime.
Da na na na na na na na da na na na na na na na WIKIPEDIA!


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Welcome the two newest Mathemagicians, Adam Collins and Josh Forner! Squad coming together nicely. :) Mathematical squad numbers wanted please, guys.