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Low Ceiling Draft


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Sucks going last 1st round, although the double pick is some saving grace. Garner, Lindwall & Procter were the ones I was lining up, but stoked to see Neil Adcock's eligible. Once again he ends up in one of my draft sides ..wooo

I'll also grab Mike Hussey


International Captain
Round 3
21. Camo999
22. AldoRaine18
23. J_C
24. morgieb
25. Red Hill
26. Teuton
27. Zinzan
28. Flem274
29. anil1405
30. The Battlers Prince

Round 4
31. The Battlers Prince
32. anil1405
33. Flem274
34. Zinzan
35. Teuton
36. Red Hill
37. morgieb
38. J_C
39. AldoRaine18
40. Camo999