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Longest Cricket Marathon


Hall of Fame Member
Cricketers test tenacity in effort to bowl over record
10:33 AM January 26

A group of cricketers from Dubbo, in central western NSW, has played through the night in an attempt to break the current world record for the longest cricket marathon.

The record is currently held by a French club which played for more than 26 hours.

Dubbo organiser Adam Wonderley says the players are well on their way to setting a new record tonight.

"This is our fourth game, we've had two 50 over matches and one 20 over match, so it's two-one at the moment, so it's pretty even and we're still going and still having fun, so it's looking good," he said.

The match is also a fundraiser, with the money going to an Indian leprosy mission and the tsunami disaster.

Source: ABC

any other aussies up for a crack at this one with me, it doesn't seem to hard compared to alot of other records ;)


U19 12th Man
BlackCap_Fan said:


Who in their right mind would name something Dubbo.

Yes, I know I'm being redundant.
The same guys that named a great sandy desert the "Great Sandy Desert".


Cricket Spectator
Yep, i'm the guy that organised it :).

We got it, after over 26hrs

For those that want to break it, feel free. Some hints for those that want to.

Bring many changes of underwear/socks. Some guys didn't and could hardly walk by the end of it :P.

Make sure someone doesn't put a sprinkler on the pitch the morning you intend to begin the attempt :@

Don't come straight from 8 hours work to begin the attempt.

And we thought it was an easy one as well, we learned differently though, a week later some of us could barely move. It was tough....fun....but tough :).

But yeh, it was fun, just waiting for guiness to verify it.


Cricket Web Staff Member
BlackCap_Fan said:


Who in their right mind would name something Dubbo.

Yes, I know I'm being redundant.
Pure blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!
(Mind, TBF I don't know that you ever got that ad in NZ)
But if you had you'd NEVER, EVER forget Dubbo as long as you lived.


Impressive.. I netted for a whole day once, that was the day when Caddy took 4 wickets in the over.. Insane, but very enjoyable