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Laxman to lead India 'A' in WI


Eyes not spreadsheets
16 overs each in 4 hours? Man that's slow.

But still a form of one day cricket, which has now real resemblance to the proper game, where skill at staying undefeated is still a major thing.


Cricketer Of The Year
marc71178 said:
16 overs each in 4 hours? Man that's slow.

But still a form of one day cricket, which has now real resemblance to the proper game, where skill at staying undefeated is still a major thing.
I'm there for 4 hours, the actual game only takes 2 hours. And for the record I've ended up undefeated 4 times in 7 innings this season :D


State Vice-Captain
Actually I am not too much in favour of Bangar either....he doesn't have much strengths except dogged defence, although I have to admit that I havent' seen him a lot. Das has a very good and compact defence as well, and he plays good orthodox shots too.The problem with Das is that he looks very confident right from the start and is all compact and all and then suddenly he does something horribly stupid to throw away his wicket..... probably he just gets bored or something :) :)

But he surely has better shots then Bangar. But if Bangar can prove that he can hold up one end even in unfriendly conditions, then I don't really care because that's a role that needs to be performed more effectively by someone in the Indian lineup.


International Captain
Laxman is one of my favorite players, and I wish he would do better. I mean a guy scores 281 vs the best team in the freaking planet, against the best bowlers on the planet at NUMBER 3, he re-writes the history books, saves India from a 100% certain defeat and WINS THE GAME for us and eventually the Series has got to be someone special.

He's made 10 centuries in 10 FC games in Domestic Cricket, he has to be someone special. He is being utterly wasted at 6, and guiding the ball is not his game, he is like Inzimam, a poor runner, but a classic timer and elegant stroke player, let him play at 3 or 5 maximum.

As for Bangar, he hasnt impressed me too much. His bowling needs to improve big time, he needs to take wickets and needs to score runs. If he were as good as Prabhakar than no problem but hes not.

For the future though a guy like Gautam Gambhir who I rate really, really highly should open along with Das/Sehwag. Gambhir is a stylish and aggressive left handed batsman aged just 21 and is averaging 65 in domestic cricket with quite a few tons.

I feel that opening the innings is vital, and with Hayden, Gibbs, Langer, Smith, Kirsten, Gayle going around, they give their team great starts.

Das has the potential to be one of the best Indian openers, but he seems to be discarded?! Ramesh who was mentioned above had a good attitude, although he was criticized for his lackluster defence and footwork. Gambhir looks awesome, Ive seen him play once or twice and he looks like a very solid player.

I would love to see Bangar play though, as an Opening Bat/Useful bowler will really kill two birds with one stone for India, but he needs to bat and bowl better which means, score the 50's/100's and take the odd 2-3 wickets regularly.

This is why Kallis is so good, as he does the above more than regularly.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Rik said:
I'm there for 4 hours, the actual game only takes 2 hours. And for the record I've ended up undefeated 4 times in 7 innings this season :D
But those aren't Test Matches, they're 16 over slogs!

Subtle difference.


Cricketer Of The Year
marc71178 said:
But those aren't Test Matches, they're 16 over slogs!

Subtle difference.
16 over slogs eh? Rather like the ECB's new idea to help English Cricket...

Actually you never slog in those games as you get more runs driving straight, or playing lofted drives, a la Cricket MAX. Also you had better hit the ball hard as the back wall is packed with fielders. The whole idea is to hit it over those fielders simulating lofting the ball over the infield.

They are 16 overs but they are not slogs, that is why I have not got out 4 times, because I play properly.

Now stop critisising before I mention that you don't even play it...:rolleyes:

V Reddy

International Debutant

V Reddy

International Debutant
Well India 'A' has made a good start to the second match after losing the first by an innings. Look out Kaif and co. especially if they don't qualify to super six , Rayudu and Gambhir have played well in both the matches.

by CMC

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis - India "A" got three big half centuries and piled up a potent total against the Leeward Islands on the second day of their third round Carib Beer 2003 Cricket Series match at Grove Park today.
Paced by Gautam Gambhir (98), Ambati Rayudu (84) and Abhijit Kale (80), India "A" roughed up the Leewards bowling before being bowled out for 450 at the close.

Pacer Carl Simon captured three for 75 and off-spinner Omari Banks bagged three for 100, to lead the Leewards' bowling.

After rain delayed the start of play for an hour, Gambhir and Conner Williams added 27 runs to their team's overnight position of 164 for one before Gambhir fell two short of a 10th first-class century.

The left-hander was trying to work a delivery from pacer Adam Sanford through the on-side but missed and had his leg-stump knocked over. He struck 10 fours.

Test batsman VVS Laxman, who failed to score in both innings in their loss to Barbados in the second round last week, failed again - dislodged by Banks for four.

Laxman pushed forward to a delivery from the off-spinner that surprised him with bounce, and he popped a catch to Kerry Jeremy at leg slip.


Number three batsman Williams (41) and Rayudu frustrated the Leewards bowling up to and beyond the lunch break, taken at 253 for three.

The pair added 82 runs for the fourth wicket but their stand ended when Williams, drawn into a forward push at Simon, edged for wicket-keeper Gareth Matthew to glove.

Rayudu became the second India "A" batsman to fall within sight of a hundred, when he moved too far across his stumps against slow medium bowler Sylvester Joseph and had his leg stump clipped, 16 short of a hundred.

Rayudu cracked 13 fours and a six - lofting off-spinner Chaka Hodge over the mid-wicket boundary.

Off-spinner Hodge had Jai Yadav (6) well caught by a running Sanford at mid-off and Banks struck two quick blows with identical dismissals of Ajay Ratra (16) and Amith Mishra (1), both players trapped leg before wicket playing back to quicker balls.

Kale was 20 short of his hundred when Sanford (2-76) had him caught by Banks at extra-cover and Simon wrapped up the innings on the stroke of close of play when Alex Adams, at second slip, snatched a catch high above his head to dislodge Tinu Yohannan (1).

India "A", badly beaten - an innings and 77 runs - by Barbados in their first game last weekend, becomes only the second team, after Barbados (463) to top the 450-mark so far this season, and the Leewards, without a win so far in the championship, hope to challenge the testing target on Sunday's third day.

V Reddy

International Debutant
This is the end of the first day's play and Balaji has good figures to his name.:rolleyes: . Rayudu seems to be bowling more here than he did for Hyderabad.

Trinidad & Tobago 1st Innings
I. Jan b Kartik 94
A. Jackson b Salvi 62
D. Bravo b Salvi 9
*D. Ganga c Kale b Balaji 68
L. Simmons c Williams b Kartik 1
L. Roberts lbw b Balaji 1
+N. Chan b Balaji 0
R. Rampaul c wkp Ratra b Balaji 11
D. Ramnarine c wkp Ratra b Salvi 0
M. Black lbw b Salvi 0
M. Persad not out 0
Extras (b 2, lb 1, w 1, nb 11) 15
Total (all out, 89.4 overs) 261
Wkts Fell At: 1-80, 2-97, 3-242, 4-248, 5-249, 6-249, 7-250, 8-251, 9-251
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wkts
Balaji 25.4 9 59 4 (nb 4)
Salvi 20 5 58 4 (nb 6)
Kartik 27 4 80 2 (nb 1)
Mishra 9 0 33 0
Rayudu 8 2 28 0 (w 1)

V Reddy

International Debutant
Actually it 7 for 9 as the last wicket put on 10 runs. Salvi and Balaji must have run through the middle and lower order.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I heard it on radio and saw highlights on TV. I would have to say that some of the shots were quite irresponsible. The Indians did bowl a good line an length though.

One noticably annoying thing about that day's play was all the Indian appealing. They appealed for everything! To their credit however, there were a couple of close decisions which went against them.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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India "A" staged their own collapse and they're in trouble...

Trinidad & Tobago 261 (Imran Jan 94, Daren Ganga 68, Andy Jackson 62; Avishkar Salvi 4-58, Lakshmipathy Balaji 4-59) and 69-0 (Andy Jackson 46 not out).

India "A" 215 (Akash Chopra 58, Ajay Ratra 50 not out, Gautam Gambhir 41, Conner Williams 30; Dinanath Ramnarine 4-60, Mukesh Persad 3-67, Marlon Black 2-24).

After being 104/1, they collapsed dramatically.

Other scores:

BERBICE, Guyana - Barbados, replying to Guyana's first innings score of 213, were 292 for six at the close of the second day of their fourth round Carib Beer 2003 Cricket Series match at the Albion Ground.

Guyana 213 (Neil McGarrell 40 not out, Sewnarine Chattergoon 35, Krishna Arjune 31; Ryan Hurley 3-31, Ian Bradshaw 3-49, Tino Best 2-36, Sulieman Benn 2-62).

Barbados 292-6 (Philo Wallace 74, Courtney Browne 58 not out, Floyd Reifer 41, Ryan Hurley 33 not out, Sherwin Campbell 31; Neil McGarrell 4-65).



ROSEAU, Dominica - The Windward Islands, replying to the Leeward Islands' first innings score of 385, were bowled out for 180 at the Botanical Gardens.

Scores: Leewards 385 (Stuart Williams 158, Omari Banks 73 not out, Ian Tittle 54; Olanzo Jackson 3-104, Cameron Cuffy 2-72, Shane Shillingford 2-100).

Windwards 180 (Devon Smith 74; Adam Sanford 6-43, Omari Banks 2-45).



DISCOVERY BAY, Jamaica - West Indies 'B', trailing Jamaica by 207 runs on first innings, were 119 for eight at Kaiser Sports Club.

Scores: West Indies "B" 94 (Carlton Baugh 50; Darren Powell 5-34, David Bernard 3-14, Gareth Breese 2-20) and 119-8 (Narsingh Deonarine 32; David Bernard 3-24, Gareth Breese 2-12, Darren Powell 2-35).

Jamaica 301-7 declared (Gareth Breese 70, Brenton Parchment 69, David Bernard 43, Mario Ventura 39; Andrew Richardson 3-50, Amit Jaggernauth 2-61).

V Reddy

International Debutant
Another Duck for Laxman. 4 runs in 4 innings so far:O .

India 'A' 1st Innings
A. Chopra c & b Persad 58
G. Gambhir b Ramnarine 41
C. Williams c Ganga b Ramnarine 30
*VVS Laxman lbw b Ramnarine 0
A. Rayudu c wkp Chan b Persad 0
A. Kale c Rmnarine b Persad 7
+A. Ratra not out 50
M. Kartik run out 15
A. Mishra lbw b Ramnarine 5
L. Balaji b Black 2
A. Salvi c Ganga b Black 6
Extras (nb 1) 1
Total (all out, 70.3 overs) 215
Wkts Fell At: 1-88, 2-116, 3-119, 4-125, 5-136, 6-138, 7-168, 8-183, 9-201
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wkts
Black 9.3 2 24 2 (nb 1)
Rampaul 9 1 45 0
Bravo 3 0 19 0
Persad 26 4 67 3
Ramnarine 23 4 60 4

V Reddy

International Debutant
Another good performance by India A. And another good performance too by Mishra and Kartik. Mishra now has two five wickets hauls in two games. He got two five wicket hauls in South Africa against the A Team there. He looks a good prospect but he is a leg spinner. So won't get that many chances for quite some time.

Trinidad &Tobago up against it
Forbes Persaud - 24 February 2003

It will take a Herculean effort from Trinidad and Tobago to prevent India `A' from coming away with full points in their Carib Beer Cricket Series match at Wilson Road Recreation Ground yesterday.

At the end of the third day's play at the Wilson Road Recreation Ground, the Indians were in a commanding position at 117 for one chasing 228 for victory. And with Gautam Gambhir (62 not out) and Connor Williams (52 not out) looking very confident and solid, skipper Daren Ganga and his men will have their work cut out for them.

T&T who led the visitors by 46 runs on first innings, produced a pathetic batting performance to be bundled out for 181 after looking well set at one time to post a huge total. The local batsmen were undermined by spinners Amit Mishra and Murali Kartik, who claimed nine wickets between them. The right-arm leg-spinner Mishra ended with the splendid figures of five for 30 while left-arm orthodox Kartik picked up four for 57.

The home team resumed at their overnight total of 69 without loss with Imran Jan and Andy Jackson on 19 and 46 respectively and gradually progressed to 78 before Kartik struck.

He had Jan caught at first slip by skipper VVS Laxman after the left-handed opener had added six runs to his overnight score. It was a decision which Jan certainly did not look too happy with.

Worse was to come when two balls later in the same over, Kartik struck again when he bowled Jackson for 48. This brought together Ganga and Dwayne Bravo and the pair looked very comfortable against the all-spin attack, mixing aggression with solid defence. They saw the total past the 100 mark. But after they had added 43, disaster struck for Ganga. The T&T skipper responded to the call by Bravo for a sharp single but failed to beat Mishra's direct hit and was run out for 22 which included three fours and a six.

The fall of Ganga's wicket energised the Indians who began to pile on the pressure, not only on the local batsmen, but also it appeared, on umpires Bassant Sahadeo and Evelyn Jones with their incessant appeals and gesticulations when they were unsuccessful. Four runs after Ganga's dismissal, the home team plunged into further trouble as Bravo (19), Lendl Simmons and Navin Chan—who both failed to trouble the scorers—had joined their skipper in the pavilion.

However, with the experienced strokemaker Lincoln Roberts still at the crease, T&T still had hopes of setting their opponents a challenging victory total. Young fast bowler Ravi Rampaul, who got a warm reception from the very large crowd when he made his way to the middle to join Roberts, handled the spinners effectively. He helped push the total to 160 before he departed after cameo knock of 21. Rampaul attempted to flick Mishra, who he had earlier struck for a huge six over mid-wicket, through square-leg but could only succeed in giving a simple catch to Williams.

At this stage, T&T's hopes rested heavily on the shoulders of Roberts. But in the very next delivery, the home team's hopes were dashed when Roberts was on his way back into the pavilion after executing a rash stroke. Roberts tried to hoist Mishra over mid-on but instead skied the ball high into the air and was caught by Rayudu on the deep long-off boundary. Roberts' contribution was 15.

Mishra wasted little time as he removed Marlon Black (7) and Mukesh Persad (12) to help place his team in a good position to force a come- from-behind win.

When the Indians began their chase, pacer Black had the crowd celebrating off only the second ball of the innings. The tall fast bowler beat Akash Chopra who attempted no shot to a well pitched up delivery and was adjudged lbw. However, Williams, who showed that he is a player who can go places, and Gambhir competently countered the spin and pace attack of the home team to see their side to end the of the day without any further loss.

Gambhir has so far struck eight fours in his knock while Williams collected five boundaries. To add to T&T's woes, Williams was dropped by Ramnarine at first slip off the bowling of Rampaul when the total was on 31. He was only on 18. It is a miss T&T could come to rue even more today.