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Latest news on how Bond is shaping up?


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Was reading the posts about him last week but they seem to have seased - what is he up too? How is his recovery going? Didn't Tamara say recently she would try get the inside word?
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bond,bond,bond,bond,bond,Why does every one make a thread about him.Bond is recovering bond is doing good bond is like that like this.


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cric_manic said:
another thread on bond
I have a bit of sympathy for Blakey. It's pretty annoying trying to search for a thread that's only been out of action for 5 days or so. In good summer weather I may only log on to CW about that often.

Cricket Chat would be improved if you could specify when making a thread whether it's Kiwi-centric, Aussie-centric, and so on. CW viewers could then bookmark a link that isolates their local threads.

I'm not suggesting all the Aussies, Kiwis, Indians etc. should by separated into their own forums though, with diversity being one of CW's strengths.


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A comeback to test cricket from what I have heard is looking very very rare. This is his last crack at cricket and test cricket will be a long way off. As for the ODI games. Aus is looking too soon. I believe he is looking at making a domestic comeback this season. CLub cricket has been going very well for him. Both with the bat and ball.

His pace has slowed down alot and his aim is now not to bowl the quickest he can. He is constantly thinking about his technique and has worked hard on his batting because of this


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cheers for that tamara. glad he is looking at other ways to improve himself as a cricketer rather than simply relying on pace. Look what is happening to the quicks around the world. Harmisson can't but a wicket, Lee can't buy a place in the team and Aktar can only spell bye bye.

O and thanks to all the others who rather than offering an answer pertaining to the question decided to waste their time by writing drivle, your lives are eternally enriched.


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i was talking 2 richard sherlock and he's on the same recovery program as bond and he said he will play 4 canterbuty(od) in early feb


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so poor young sherlock seems to have done his back aswell - not so good is it. poor buggers career looks like it might be over before it really starts