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Langer$ The Legend

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I think this deserves a thread of its own

I notice everybody taking digs at Langer.

Just to let you know that not only is he one of the best openers to play cricket (England, India and Pakistan do not in their history have a opener as good as him) but he is also a very successful businessman and a very talented fighter. Its so funny to read how losers get so upset about his achievements.

Good on you Langer you are a legend and you have shown these twits how its done and how good you are (notice the selectors pick him to play for Australia and not you dimwits) and all you sad and sorry jealous dimwits can only do what you do best. Which is whinge and whine and sook.

Go LANGER you little ripper legend.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Scallywag said:
England, India and Pakistan do not in their history have a opener as good as him
That is ridiculously funny and this thread is ridiculously stupid.
Not open for further replies.