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Kyle Jamieson — let's agree on a nickname


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yeah, we know he's pretty good. Deserving of a title bestowed upon him by the forum, in fact. So far the leading contenders for referring to the fast bowling Ubermensch are:

Ivan Drago
Kylo Ren
Hitler's wet dream

One needs to be declared the winner imo. Other suggestions welcome.


I'm not convinced he isn't a monster risen from the underworld by the gods to reap divine vengeance on international cricket for over a century of kiwi despair.


So Jammyson you reckon
no india don't get to use their salty little nickname from 2020 to define him.

he looks like a bond villain tbh. one of the henchmen. who was that really tall **** with the sharp jaws? he's the aryan version of that guy.


Not Terrible
He's a bit like if we gave Kane Williamson the super serum from Captain America.

Captain Aotearoa