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Klusener 1999 vs Shakib 2019.

Klusener 1999 vs Shakib 2019

  • Klusener 1999

    Votes: 13 81.3%
  • Shakib 2019

    Votes: 5 31.3%

  • Total voters


International Regular
Who had the better all-round world cup campaign?

Shakib 606 runs, 8 innings, 2 100, 5 50, average of 86.57 and sr of 96.03. 3rd Leading Runscorer. 11 Wickets in 8 games, econ of 5.39, best of 5/29, 1 5fer, average of 36.27

Klusener 281 runs, 9 innings, 0 100, 2 50, average of 140, sr of 122. 12th leading run-scorer. 17 Wickets in 19 games, econ of 4.61, best of 5/21, 1 5fer, average of 20.58, 4th leading wicket taker.


International Captain
Yeah, such buzz around Klusener at the time. In all the world cups I have seen, no player had as great an intimidation factor coming out as he did. I think only Buttler comes close in recent years, but Buttler's so mild-mannered compared to Zulu with his compulsive gumchewing, gold chain, and ten-ton bat.


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Fmd I still don’t reckon I’ve seen two balls hit harder through cover than Klusener’s off Fleming in that 99 semi final. Insane power
The first one was a near yorker too and he squeezed it out with insane power. Actually a very modern way of dealing with the yorker with that wide stance and trying to slice it square rather than straight.


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One of them just burst through Reiffel's fingers.
I think that was one over long on the previous over. Reiffel tapped it over the bar and it went for six. I remember thinking when it happened “I’ll go the airport and throw rocks at that useless ****”

Mind you if he catches it we are robbed of an ATG finish

edit: beaten