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June 21 - Switzerland vs France and Croatia vs England

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
broncoman said:
Owen is still your best striker, hes a big game player and is going to do something special when you guys most need it. Hes got a cool head, no one knows how rooney will handle the pressure matches. Hes never played in the champions league and he still is 18, im sure he will handle i, but he is young..
So the Turkey, France, Switzerland and Croatia games weren't pressure matches?!!

What made Owen the player he was a couple of years ago was his pace - that's gone at the moment and he's a shadow.


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oh yeh they were crunch matches, but its the occasion now rather than the situation. i think he'll be fine, but its hard to say till it happens.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Tom Halsey said:
Drop Cole and Owen. 2 worst players in the team ATM. Oh, and Terry too.

Minus those 3, we look good.

Cole was good all Tournament, Owen has a proven record of scoring goals, and 3 games isn't going to change that.

Terry is a rock, and look at the potential replacements...