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June 21 - Switzerland vs France and Croatia vs England


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Group B finishes up today, both favourites would be entitled to think they will win, croatia should be full of confience after their performance against France though, my tips:

Swiss 0-3 France
Croatia 1-1 England


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If I were Sven I would leave Rooney on the bench and start with Vassell and Owen up front. Rooney needs one more booking and he will miss the quarter final should England make it so I do not think it is worth it.

I would probably be tempted to give Wayne Bridge a run since he a fine season with Chelsea in 03/04 instead of Ashley Cole.


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i dont think they will change anything from the last game, if they were already guaranteed to qualify i could understand leaving rooney on the bench, but croatia are a quality team and if they are taken lightly england maybe not have a quarter final to plan for.


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It is a catch-22 situation.

You can leave Rooney on the bench but that somewhat weakens up your strike force potentcy and could hamper your chances of playing in a quarter final.

Or you play Rooney and risk him getting booked but have a quarter final and no Rooney and get knocked out in the QF stage.


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Rooney will start up front for sure....Who have England been playing in left mid...Bridge would be worth a gamble there imo...

Swiss 0-1 France
Croatia 2-1 England
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scholes has been playing on the lefty, the middle 4 looks pretty settled at this stage.

ash chaulk

International Captain
Starting without Rooney.... Croatia going 2 - 0 up.... Bringing Rooney on and we put too much presure on him.


International Regular
Dont keep up with Euro too much but saw Croastia vs England match and liked it a lot....will start watching soccer more now

Tom Halsey

International Coach

When we were 1-0 down, all over them, kept missing...I feared it wasn't going to happen. How wrong I was! :D


World Traveller
And I found out the reason why Wayne Bridge should start and Ashley Cole should warm the bench in the Croatia v England match.

I wonder if Cole would be a certain pick in the England squad if he didn't play for Arsenal?


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BLOODY HELL!!!! a stupid draw against the swiss, that stupid draw gaisnt france... and now some guy called rooney ruins the party!! far out... :@
ah well... i think ill suppport... ah stuff it, CRIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKET!! :)

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Never mind Ashley Cole (he'll come in useful when he two-footed tackles Cristiano Ronaldo in the cruciates), someone shoot Michael Owen.

No pace, no sharpness, never looked like scoring. No way should he start against Portugal.


International Coach
I think Vassell is the man to put up front with Rooney, he looked pretty sharp when he came on. Although Michael Owen did have a large part in the first 3 goals.


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Owen is still your best striker, hes a big game player and is going to do something special when you guys most need it. Hes got a cool head, no one knows how rooney will handle the pressure matches. Hes never played in the champions league and he still is 18, im sure he will handle i, but he is young..