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June 19 - Latvia vs Germany and Netherlands vs Czech Republic


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the biggest match of the tournament for me today. Czech republic (the team ive backed to win it) and Holland (the team im supporting) square off in a huge group D match. Id like to see Roy Maakay given a run in this game for holland, i dont think ruud can do it on his own up front. Czechs werent all that impressive against Latvia, but Nedved and co should step up tonight.

my predictions

Latvia 2-2 Germany
Holland 1-2 Czech Republic


International Debutant
Germany should be a bit to good for Latvia.

Latvia 1 - Germany 3

I agree this looks to be one of the best matchups of the group stages (right up there with Spain-Portugal and France-England). Holland needs to start 2 stikers up front, because with the defenses going around in these champs, most of the time 1 is just not enough..

Holland 1 (RVN) - Czech Rep. (Nedved and Baros)


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haha yeh i know what you mean, its gonna be a long night!
and theres still over 2 hours till the first game :(


Hall of Fame Member
1 nil to holland - goal should have been dissalowed for offside - how can the horse not have been interfering when he was trotting around in front of the goalie?

Tom Halsey

International Coach
I want the Germans out - this just means they won't try in the next game to get the Germans out.

So I hope the Dutch get a draw. :D


International Captain
0-0 Latvia v Germany:D

Latvia had alot of chances IMO, and atleast one of those challenges on Verpakovskis should have been a penalty!! And it was agreat save by Khan to deny him a brilliant goal early on!!

Hopefully the Czech's beat the Germans and the Latvians draw with the Dutch and we could see Czech Republic and Latvia go through :D


International Debutant
That would be great to see both the Dutch and the Germans miss out...but the Czechs and Dutch will go through.


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i got the right results, just the scores wrong.....

lets hope the czechs and holland go through!


International Coach
Holland v Czech Republic was one of the best games I've seen at a major championships for ages. I literally did not miss a kick because I thought I'd miss something.

I just wish the later stages were all like that. Although I thought the game was ruined slightly by the sending off which IMO was nothing. Oh well, you can't get them right all the time.