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June 18 - Bulgaria vs Denmark and Italy vs Sweden


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hopefully denmark put bulgaria to the sword and we some goals, cause im not predicting many for the other match! without totti italy lose a bit. of cassano plays im sure he will handle it though.

my predictions
bulgaria 0-1 denmark
Italy 0-0 sweden

Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
:D can't wait for italy-sweden. im with sweden all the way, as always. should be a good game, however i agree with simons scoreline


Cricketer Of The Year
As usual for Italy, their so called world class attacking players cannot put it together. Buffon is the key for me...he kept Italy in the Denmark match & if he doesn't today, Italy will lose by 1 or 2 goals.


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that goal by Zlatan was freaky! its looking tough for italy to get through if Sweden and Denmark draw with each other on tuesday.