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Jonny Bairstow apology thread

Son Of Coco

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yes indeed. So by Australian logic....... Bairstow > Root.

Really is a shame we can't grow this game outside of Australia innit.
I'd agree with your first statement. When the choice is a man who is so ginger he looks like he has been teleported from the 1986 Chernobyl exclusion zone vs one who constantly looks like he is about to apologise for being alive, I know who I am pinning my colours to. So what if JB only has two years left before his genetic cricketing ability starts leaking from his ears!? I am riding that irradiated horse all the way to the oasis baby.
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Son Of Coco

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Watchin' every motion in my foolish lover's game
On this endless ocean, finally lovers know no shame
Turning and returning to some secret place inside
Watchin' in slow motion as you turn around and say...


International Captain
I never actually rated Bairstow, so I apologize for that. A match winning hundred by either the best or second best bowling attack atm, well done.


Hall of Fame Member
I still don't apologize. He was legitimately painful at times and we all know it.

We all joked back when he had 70 tests that how the **** did he have 70 tests and dreaded the idea of him playing 100. Well now it's a reality friends.