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John Wright new NZ Coach


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BREAKING NEWS: John Wright is the new coach of New Zealand's cricket team.

The former test captain and coach of India was confirmed in the role by NZ Cricket boss Justin Vaughan at a press conference in Auckland today.

Wright's appointment is effective immediately as New Zealand face Pakistan in the first of three Twenty20 internationals in Auckland on Boxing Day.

Mark Greatbatch, who coached the team on their recent tour of India, will now head an independent selection panel also including current selector Glenn Turner and former test player Lance Cairns.

It means captain Daniel Vettori is no longer an official selector.

A full review of the national team was undertaken after the ODI side suffered their 11th consecutive defeat in India
John Wright to coach Black Caps - cricket - sport | Stuff.co.nz


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Why they chose Andy Moles instead of Wright in the first place I'll never know.


Haha didn't think they'd get Wright to do it. I thought he kept saying he wasn't keen?

I know he's the public choice and all but I'm not holding my breath. The batsmen have to learn how to bat in ODIs in the subcontinent, and whether they can do it or not is on their shoulders.

Hopefully we're not looking for a new coach in a year again.


U19 12th Man
How much will he be able to do between now and the WC? was probably best to wait till after the WC and bring Wright in then and let him start with a clean slate.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Good news. Wonder if there will be successes overnight or a long build up to becoming a properly competitive side.


International Captain
Yeah great news. Hopefully he can restore order in the team and actually bring out the players potential.


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I know this is heresy, as people have been clamouring for Wright to be named as coach since before Bracewell finished up, but I really don't rate him that highly. His only real success came with India, and in that case he basically took over a side that had a semi-pro team culture, and transformed them into a modern professional outfit. He did an excellent job of it too, don't get me wrong. But the Black Caps set up went through their own professionalisation experience under Steve Rixon more than a decade ago, and I don't know how much more Wright really has to contribute. He himself says in "Indian Summers" that he doesn't really do much actual coaching and instead works to get cricketers into the best mindset to succeed with the skills they've got. I'm not sure if that's necessarily the best type of coach to have in a team filled with a lot of young and developing talent. Although I suppose he did oversee the emergence of talents like Harby, Sehwag and Dhoni, so maybe I'm just talking bull****.

Hope I'm wrong, and I agree with others that it would've been better to wait until after the World Cup to bring him on board. It's hard to see this move as anything else besides an act of panic and desperation.
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At last some common sense prevails. Always had a lot of time for Wright, a genuine bloke & one who'll likely be more of a father-figure to the players as opposed to the school-master Bracewell was.

Happy to see Vettori officially losing his place as a selector as well, much better for team spirit & trust if the captain ain't a selector (although truth be told, he'll still probably have some input, but at least unofficially)


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Very good guy, have a lot of respect for him. Hope he does a great job.


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Hoping that Wright succeeds, but the revolving coaching door is not a fantastic thing to have; especially after Bracewell was given carte blanche to do whatever he liked.

Can't see any draw backs to the change in the selection panel though. Makes sense.


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Great Choice. I hope and wish that he achieves same level of success with NZ as he did with India. It will not be easy though.


U19 Vice-Captain
I have to pinch myself so I know this isn't a dream. Never thought it would happen.

Excellent that Vettori has been sacked as selector as well.

NZ Guy

U19 Captain
Nothing will change imo, don't really think a coach of a professional cricket team can make that much of a difference, bad move from Wright for his career as this can only really tarnish his image as a great coach


International Captain
:happy: Whoop. I have a lot of time for John Wright, kudos New Zealand Cricket. I think I might be digging the selection panel changes more though however, how ridiculous' was it only having one selector back here in New Zealand.


International Captain
Nothing will change imo, don't really think a coach of a professional cricket team can make that much of a difference, bad move from Wright for his career as this can only really tarnish his image as a great coach

Unless he get's ousted like Andy Moles and is called out for not being good enough he's going into a position where many people in the cricket fertinity don't expect much to change, i.e. taking over a team lacking world class talent you can't really expect things to change all that much.


International Captain
Great news for New Zealand cricket. John Wright has proven himself to be a fine coach with both Kent and India. I hope he achieves the same success for New Zealand that he did with India. It's definitely a step in the right direction for New Zealand.