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Jasprit Bumrah v. Colin Croft

Choose the better test bowler

  • Jasprit Bumrah

  • Colin Croft

Results are only viewable after voting.


Hall of Fame Member
Ever since Bumrah emerged with potential to be India's first true great pace bowler, I have wanted to see how he crosses other greats. I would have loved to do a Bumrah v. Holding once Bumrah had played 50+ tests. But given his long injury, I will have to wait for that one. However, what about comparing him with another great pace bowler from the West Indian Assembly line that lasted ~3 decades?

Stats for reference:



U19 Captain
I've picked Bumrah - he's one hell of a bowler but like so many fast bowlers, injuries are proving to be a real issue, particularly with his unorthodox action.

I loved Croft as a bowler - genuinely hostile and menacing, you often thought he was more concerned with hitting the batsmen rather than get him out. His run up directly behind the umpire and at the last second he darted out wide and bowled short and fast at the batsmen.

I'll never forget the time in NZ when an umpire hadn't given Croft a few decisions and he barged straight into the umpire instead of darting out.

Genuinely shocking but also quite funny.