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It's Back!


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
After an enforced 'winter break', CW Football shall be returning this week with the first round of games happening this weekend.
We shall be finishing off the season that was started and then at the end of the season we shall look at certain areas which may need changing to develop the league.

The only real major change is the make up of the Board.

- The domestic committee is made up of Myself as Chairman, The 6 Captains (Smith, Goff, Goughy, Tharmi, Kyle and Jamee) as well as the PA Rep (Burke)

- The sub-committee for International Selection will look like: Myself as Chairman, the PA Rep, the International Captain (Goughy) and the Scout. (Rodgie).

Myself and Sriram will be doing the simming duties.

I'll be simming the first round of games this Sunday, so captains will need to email me a team sheet to CWFA@cricketmail.net by Sunday 25th 00:00 (which Sunday 25th 11:00am Melbourne time).
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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
He's basically having a break from CW at the moment, which basically means he's not around to do PA Rep-ing.
If anyone wants to do it, just say so in this thread and then i'll set up a poll on Sunday when i do the games.

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
Reminded of some children's TV show, with Matteh screaming 'It's back!' and hundreds of 10-year-olds high on E-numbers shrieking at the top of their voices while the camera does somersaults.

Random, I know.

Anyway, great news.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I can now use the CWFA account, so the email address to send teamsheets to will be adjusted accordingly.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
i'd be interested in the PA rep position.

Good to see the wheels are back in motion, fantastic effort mitchell & all involved :)