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Is parental quackery child abuse


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I think it's a Gujarati name, it's probably pronounced Aa-nal. Unfortunate spelling though.


International Coach
Or how about weird spelling? Driving in I heard someone on the radio say how he loved his parent, thought they were ****heads for spelling his name mykal.

Child abuse is a bit harsh. The parents are not responsible for other people being dickheads. What about the parent who calls their child Anil?. A very fine name, everywhere but here. What about Vangipurappu Venkata Sai and other long names that end up being abbreviated? The abuse doesn't come from the parents. Saying it does condones people making fun of people's names.
i will probably regret asking this but why is the name "not fine" in australia?


So many parents nowadays are born into the ideals of individuality that naming a child has to carry a new moniker. As a teacher some names can surprise. But I am afraid it isn't child abuse in the UK.

Victor Ian

International Vice-Captain
i will probably regret asking this but why is the name "not fine" in australia?
Because we say that like anal and then snicker. There is no problem when you hear the name on introduction. The problem only happens when you leave us to figure out how to pronounce it ourselves.
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Yours isn't THAT generic. I'm talking John, Muhammad etc.
It is less popular that it was 30 years ago, very middle of the road.... straight out of the religious text, much like John, Muhammed.

But I'm seriously not gonna start a discussion on what counts as generic.