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Is it just me who'll miss the Champions Trophy when it's gone?


International Coach
I think it's supposed to be just the top four sides playing semifinals and a final. So just the three tests then.


Cricketer Of The Year
I think it's supposed to be just the top four sides playing semifinals and a final. So just the three tests then.
Well that's ****ed up for a start. The way the current rankings are there really isn't that much between the top 8 sides, we've just seen that with recent Eng/NZ series.

It wasn't that long ago Australia were ranked 5th and could be again (I think) if they lose heavily over the next 2 Ashes series. As much as I like to LOL at their current woes a test championship without them in it is not worth having.

I could be wrong here but when this "Test Championship" idea was first bandied around I thought it was supposed to be over a 4 year cycle, not a tournament as such. Fix up the Future Tours Program so it's more uniform and crown a test champion every 4 years based on points earned over the 4 year period?? Like an extended English Premier League.

I have no interest in this as a tournament unless all test nations are involved in it, which clearly would be impossible unless it was to run for a ridiculous amount of time. Why can't the administrators accept that Test cricket is a unique sport with it's duration and embrace that fact, it is not suited to a glitz and glamour World Cup style tournament. They have other formats they can do that with.
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International Debutant
If a test championship even gets off the ground, i can't see it lasting past the first (or possibly the second if TV contracts demand it) event. Knockout cricket is not a good format for test cricket, England will have to be guaranteed a place (the first event is scheduled for June/July 2017 in England) to ensure commercial success and allow proper logistical planning. Otherwise you create the prospect of England having a 'competing' test series at the same time. And at the end of it i doubt anyone will see it as determining anything - 'conditions' create a far less level playing field than in ODIs and home advantage will be massive.


Evil Scotsman
This'll get binned after the first competition.

It's a crap format, it won't get supported, hence why it's in England and it's too reliant on India being a top 4 side to sell to broadcasters.


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they've already scheduled the 2nd one, so that will probably be the last one


Evil Scotsman
The Indian public barely bothers to go and watch India, I can't see South Africa vs West Indies being a huge draw crowd wise.