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Ireland and Afghanistan awarded Test status by ICC


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I think an Ind-Afg test may be pretty likely to be their inaugural test ,considering how supportive BCCI have been toward them. I'll definitely try and find a way to attend.
This was my first thought, along with England in Ireland (less 'supportive' but they do play every year).

But then, if this means the two tier system is coming in, it could be a long time before we get either fixture.


Hall of Fame Member
Definitely seems like a move made with the 2 tier system in mind. It's still a marvelous thing though, esp given how nobody thought Afghanistan were anywhere near this kind of promotion a few years back.

Agree that it would be great to have an Ind-Afg and Eng-Ire game asap. A Bangladesh tour of Afghanistan (India/UAE) would be a nice watch. Also want to see Windies tour Ireland. Would be a big deal for Ireland and Windies would be more than welcome. Good for both sides.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Marvellous, didn't expect it. Looks likely we will have a 2 tier system now. Hope England can play Ireland soon in Ireland. Be hard to schedule this year but a rejig to our summer plans in 2018 should be doable. Play less ODI's here and play a test over there.


State Regular
Great news this. A step in the right direction of making cricket truly global. I'm all for a two tier system of some sorts if it cuts down the amount of one sided Tests we see.

Afghanistan definitely have the bowling attack that could do well in Tests, while Ireland probably lack firepower,I'm just happy for the players. Some of them have really fought for this opportunity.


Whatever it takes!!!
Excellent news. One of the few good things that have accidentally happened out of the stupid BCCI/ICC politics. Excited to see the new teams play. I wont mind the two Tier structure as such as long as the Tier 1 teams send their A squads to play Tier 2 teams often.


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I'm all for a two tier system of some sorts if it cuts down the amount of one sided Tests we see.
This should NEVER be the aim of the two tier system. Especially in this era where we don't have any dominant teams and we've had so many seemingly inferior teams beating the better ones. We wouldn't have had Bangladesh beating England or WI beating Pak (twice), or SL whitewashing Aus if the entire point of the two tier system was to prevent certain teams from playing each other.

The aim should be to have a more even distribution of series between the member nations, instead of the current scenario where England play 15 tests a year and SA play 6-7. The proposal a few months back mentioned that all teams within a tier would have to play each other home and away. And they could reach agreements with teams from other tiers to play them too. If they implement that properly, it could work.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
I think politics has a lot to do with it. ICC wants more countries to have a vote so the kind of coup we witnessed last time doesn't happen. However, it is great this has finally happened. Elated with the news.


International Captain
I expect SL to lose to both Ire and Afg within the next 5 years. Especially Afghanistan.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Would like to think England's main summer opposition would play a couple of tests in Ireland beforehand.

Red Hill

The artist formerly known as Monk
Just thinking out loud, but perhaps a good system (opposed to a tier system) would be that these guys have conditional test status. They tour Australia/Eng/SA/India and have to beat their (legit) A-team in a 3 match series played under test conditions (perhaps at a regional venue?)

If they can beat the A-team, then a series of matches vs the test team can be arranged. Would be massive incentive for Afghanastan or Ireland, would give the A-teams something to really play for, and might draw big regional crowds.

Probably unlikely but just a thought...


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Best thing about this decision is that in half a dozen years time we poms won't have to grudgingly admit that Shane Warne is the best leggie in the history of the game any more


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Great at last stats will be irrelevant in cricket now, too many minnows.
Meh it's already been the case for years. Bangladesh are only just starting to show the potential to become reasonable in Tests (at home at least) after 15+ years, and Zimbabwe have been playing Tests and being **** for even longer.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
The only snag with this is having to redefine what constitutes a Test Class cricketer. After years of ridiculing Derek Pringle he's now fully worth his place in the hall of fame.