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IPL Auction/Team Organization Thread

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Franchises and managers:

Bangalore - GN Nayak
Rajasthan - DH Cole
Mumbai - CR Butler
Deccan - AJ Garven
Delhi - KJ Gough
King's XI Punjab - JJD Heads
Kolkata - G Sriram
Chennai - BC Fitzsimmons

Considering the existing squads (hyperlinked above), managers may make 2 changes:

1. Add one CW player to the squad. Every team must sign a CW player (otherwise it's really not worth it) in this first auction period.

Now pay attention here. Each team may submit an initial list of 8 players, along with the proposed bids (posted in this thread).
eg. 1. A Player - 7
2. B Player - 5
3. C Player - 5

There will be a 48-hour period for those submissions. After all lists are in, if a player is only bid on by one franchise, that franchise may sign the player. Still with me? OK. If there is more than one bid for any player, the highest bid is considered. And if that bid is not surpassed within a further 48-hour period, the highest bidder may sign the player.

Note that because every team must sign at a CWer, if a franchise chooses not to use the second 48-hour bidding period, the franchise will automatically sign the highest valued player on its list that has not been signed elsewhere.

Should 2 teams be locked on an equal bid at the end of the period (eg. if both Delhi and Deccan bid 16 for Camps) the player may choose which of the teams he/she prefers to sign for.

End of round one auction.

2. With the remaining points a franchise may sign a second CW player, via the same process - initial list, followed by auction period. However to do so, the franchise must first pick an existing foreign player to cut loose.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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So, to recap, we start with teams submitting an initial list of 8 players with how much they'd like to pay for each. Each franchise has 20 points to spend over the course of the two rounds, and must sign at least 1 player. Remember, you must bid at least the minimum value of a player. And remember to think and bid tactically.

This is not a private auction.

Period 1 runs from now until Wednesday 11pm (UK).
Period 2 runs from Wednesday midnight (UK) until Friday midnight (UK).

A franchise may not adjust the initial auction list during Period 1. That is, you may only bid once for players in the first round. Don't get rowdy if another franchise sees your list and consequently bids higher, because you'll have chances to bid again in Period 2. A player is only signed in Period 1 if only one club bids for him.

The rules for Period 2 will be clarified nearing the end of Period 1.

Attached is the file with eligible players.

Auction tracking. Top bid, to date, in brackets:
XPA Rose - 15 (Deccan)
SE Fuller (Bangalore)
G Sriram - 11 (Delhi/Kolkata)
JJ Ritchie - 10 (Rajasthan)
KJ Gough - 9 (Delhi)
DA Kearsley - 9 (Chennai)
M Corrin - 6 (Bangalore)
B Goff - 5 (Chennai)
JJD Heads - 5 (Kolkata)

Picks used:
Delhi - 2/8 (Gough 9, Sriram 11)
Chennai - 2/8 (Kearsley 9, Goff 5)
Deccan - 2/8 (Rose 15, Corrin 4)
Bangalore - 2/8 (Fuller 12, Corrin 6)
Kolkata - (G Sriram 11, JJD Heads 5)
Rajasthan - 1/8 (Ritchie 10)
Punjab - 1/8 (Sriram 10)


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my version of excel really didnt like that file. Was just jibberish. Problem at my end or the file?


Not Terrible
Ah I see thats a yes, this sucks my average and SR kick ass but I'll feel ever so guilty bidding on myself.

1. G Sriram - 10

That is all for now.
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Mr Mxyzptlk

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Surpassed by who exactly? Clubs that had already bid on the player, or just anyone?
Anyone else.

If just one club bids for someone, he goes to that club, unless the club prefers to pursue another target in Period 2.
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