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Internationals Discussions and Results


Side for the game vs. Iraq

CWFA and captain Dan Smith today announced the side to take the field vs. Iraq in the next CW international fixture. The side was relatively unchanged from the draw with Jamaica last month, with just the one squad change, with Su making way for United midfielder Greg Thomas who has been rewarded for some good form with his club side.

The squad is as follows:
GK: Kyle Wright (Southern Dynamo)
DF: David Kearsley (East Coast Fury)
DF: Tharmi Loganathan (Northside Power)
DF: Neil Pickup (Island Swell)
DF: Xavier Rose (Northside Power)
DF: Jack McNamara (Southern Dynamo)
MF: Hakon Mørk (Island Swell)
MF: Greg Thomas (Central United)
MF: Zac Gelman (Central United)
FW: Kev Gough (Island Swell)
FW: Daniel Smith (c) (Central United)

SUB: Shan Jasotharan (Island Swell)
SUB: Thamba Mamesh (Northside Power)
SUB: Liam Camps (Island Swell)
SUB: Daniel Towns (Southern Dynamo)
SUB: G Sriram (Central United)
Hakon Mork will be played out of position to accomodate a 5-3-2 formation for the game, which relegates Sriram to the bench.
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Iraq Squad for CW Game

GK Mohammed Kassid
GK Noor Sabri Abbas  
DF Jassim Mohammed Ghulam  
DF Bassim Abbas  
DF Haidar Abdul-Amir  
DF Jassim Mohammed Haji
DF Saad Attiya  
MF Salih Sadir 
MF Samer Saeed 
MF Hawar Mulla Mohammed  
MF Hassan Turki
MF Mahdi Karim  
MF Ahmed Abdul-Jabar
FW Emad Mohammed  
FW Younis Mahmoud (captain)  
FW Abbas Rahim


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Wright is far and away, statistically, the best keeper in the league.
Isn't Blake now ahead of Jaso statisically, or is he still a bit behind? Reckon Comley is unlucky not to make the squad and Thamba not to make the starting XI. Three forwards the way to go IMO. Selectors are too defensive, should take a lead out of Power handbook.

EDIT: Donald (24) v Jaso (23), harsh to not get a bench spot atleast. Been one of form keepers and better stats. I guess playing only three defenders means a few more goals scored against and less clean sheets though. Mind you one could also make a case for Dunn, strength of keeping ATM i guess.
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On paper CWLand faced their toughest challenge to date. Iraq are by far the highest ranked team CWLand have played against (currently ranked 68) and they are the 2007 Asian Chanpions.

However, many of their players are based within the region and not too much is known about them. Iraq do have a strong recent history and one of their more recent competetive games was a 7-0 aggregate victory over Pakistan in 2010 World Cup qualifying.

CW Captain for the day, Dan Smith, chose a conservative long ball strategy with five defenders. The idea being to try and deny the more technical Iraqi players opportunities and hope to create the occasional chance for themselves.


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Moving up in the World nice. A good result as we could quite easierly play Iraq later on in quaifiers. Happy with my performance.


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Any news on the next international team. Reckon we should play a high profiles side of some sort. Many a team like Australia or a lesser European side like England (i.e one that failed to qualify for Euro). Atleast of a better standard then NZ with all their European players back.

Mister Wright

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Happy with that result. Rather dull game for the spectators, as are most soccer games, but excellent result to beat Iraq.