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International Cricket Captain General Thread of Miscellany


State 12th Man
HI. I last bought ICC 2K6. Now ICC2K17. Nice to have an up to date database, though pity most annoying bugs (like subtracting an over from the scorecard when the last wicket falls on the last ball of the over) are still there. The name generator, especially for non-UK teams, is still atrocious. I used to finesse this by making my own, more extensive, surname list and editing the text files, then manually adding first names from a list. Anal, I know, anyhow... It seems the text files are now bundled into the game? Anyone know how to get at them? BTW, as a South African, I do wish they'd based things on 1st team stats only... A lot of really bad players are good, because of inflated FC stats playing 2nd team! (Like that time Mark de Stadler and Pierre Joubert were superstars...)


U19 Vice-Captain
What's the best version of Cricket Captain? Should I just go with 16?
16 and 17 are quite good for long running international games. 17 has the extra leagues like Pakistan and WI. I prefer the regens in 16 because Australia gets no good bowlers in 17!


Global Moderator
ICC 2015, year is 2031. The Josh Cobb experiment has been and gone.

Turns out Lakshimpathy Balaji is still playing for Tamil Nadu, at age 50. 50! Unsurprisingly, he's slowed down a bit -- 974 FC wickets at 39 now. Yuvraj is still going too, at 49. He has 473 FC wickets at an eye-watering 78.09.

Buttler is averaging ~70 across his last three FC seasons at age 41, and Jake Doran has played 150 FC games without ever making a ton (poor bloke couldn't even match Tim Paine).


U19 12th Man
So guys, what's the latest ICC version with an editor that works. Do they still not have a way to make your own custom teams (including the older players?)


Cricketer Of The Year
I think there's one for '15. I was running a sim tournament here last year using ICC '13 with a working editor.

Hopefully someone can make an editor for the '18 version of the game as the devs have promised to expand the amount of players present in the ATG mode, as posted on their database feedback forum.


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ICC really brings out the idiot in me. I stopped actually trying to get ****s out with the ball and giving a **** about their strengths/weaknesses, just pitch it on the middle length outside off-stump for everyone. For batting, three bars for FC cricket, play between 5 and 6 for LO cricket. Never ever touch the field settings. With this brilliant strategy, I generally win all domestic comps (OD comps the least predictable), win more Tests than not, demolish all-comers in the OD WC, get my arse handed to me in T20. Strategy has remained the same since ICC 2008. Yet I keep buying the damn thing every year....

Because trying to avoid work, here's a short list of gripes from a decade of wasted time:

- The game just arbitrarily decides you will lose some matches. It's suspicious how often some first-year bowling all-rounder with a top score of 15 walks out with their team on the ropes at 7/****-all then proceeds to peel off a match-winning ton at Glenn Maxwell's T20 s/r.
- Lots of ****s with broken ****in' arms.
- Off-spinners, only select to relieve the quicks. And they should average 35+ with the bat.
- very uneven pitch + cloud cover = irrelevant when a team is batting for the draw from day 3 onward.
- "Player x has improved his aggressive batting" - no he ****ing hasn't.
- Why anyone would ever play this game on any setting other than 'Normal' is beyond me


International Coach
I'll vary the length in FC, and drop the aggression from max by a bar for every 10 runs until back to 3 bars (then back up at the start of the next day). LO just vary the length. Everythings bowled outside off, unless I'm massively hunting down wickets on the final day when the oppo is playing for the draw.

Batting I'll go up to 4 when set, maybe 5 after tonning up, in FC. LO i go on smackmode because its easy, 4 start, creep up every 10 balls. 20/20 one below max for 10 balls, max after.

I'm currently in 2023, last summers recall of Cook after 3 years out was a resounding success, but not being repeated this year. Root, highest scorer in tests (465) and 2nd in OD (241*) bats at 3. Anderson, approaching 41, has just played in the first test against Zimbabwe, unsure if he'll add to his 820 test wickets over the rest of the summer.

I'll screenshot some bits later


International Debutant
I'm so lazy that I never bother changing anything apart from aggression when batting and who bowls when when bowling - cbf with field changes, choosing where to pitch it or bowling aggression, etc. Probably why I lose most OD or T20 games...


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The 2018 edition and features has been announced:

From CT's forum:

Cricket Captain returns for 2018 with an updated match engine, extensive additions to the records and statistics (including stats of every historical international player), Ireland & Afghanistan as playable test nations, improved internet game, improved coaching, and much more. Put your tactical expertise to the test in the number one cricket management game.

Developed in association with Jimmy Anderson, Cricket Captain 2018 also features a full database update (over 6500 players), with improved player generation, and greater accuracy in limited over player abilities. The latest changes to all domestic structures have been included.

Cricket Captain is unrivalled in cricket management simulation, and Cricket Captain 2018 improves the series once again with all the attention to detail that is
the trademark of the series.

Key features for 2018 include:
Updates to all domestic systems and 20 over leagues: play updated domestic leagues in India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, and New Zealand.
Afghanistan & Ireland career modes: play as one of the two newest test nations in full international career modes.
New captaincy offers: receive offers from other teams within your domestic system in your current save.
All time-greats: full career records for every player that has ever played international cricket, all playable in historical scenarios.
International/domestic ground records: individual, team, and partnership records for over 130 grounds, now split into international and domestic for First Class, One Day and 20 over.
Competition/series records: historical competition and series player records for the last two competitions/series.
International vs. records: individual, team, and partnership records for all 12 test-playing nations in Test Match, ODI and International 20 Over.
Domestic vs. records: individual, team, and partnership records for every domestic team (thousands of new records) in FC, OD, and 20 Over.
Historical scenarios: replay five historical scenarios for India or Pakistan in England.
International only mode: includes domestic fixtures.
New database: full database update with over 6500 players, including improved player generation for limited over ability.
Updated tournament modes: including the new OD World Cup format.
Improved match engine: with updates to aggressive batting in OD matches and batting reaction to field settings.
New coaching options: including opener training and separate fielding coaching.
Added player stats: preferred batting position, percentage of 4s and 6s scored; career S/R for all-time great players; maidens bowled.
New achievements: including Ireland and Afghanistan achievements.
Internet game: improved reliability and more teams to play on-line.

Cricket Captain will release early July on Steam, Mac, iOS and Android.
Glad that you can finally move teams now, it gets rather boring captaining the same side for ten years straight. The stats stuff seems really nice too. Might be time to invest.


Cricketer Of The Year
Really glad to see the ATG mode is getting a buff. I had been campaigning for that for a few years now.

If this new version of the game is definitive as it says it is I might just run another sim league.


International Coach
Move teams, just not to another country as we still CBA doing proper simming for non-active leagues.
Play as Ireland, though christ knows how messed up the generated players will be because of above.
Improved match engine, players react to field settings, still get caught ridiculously in close field on the leg side.

Only thing that catches my eye is the domestic games in international mode, which has taken 20 years to do. Playing international only was an absolute waste of time before for that reason.


Hall of Fame Member
what does domestic games in international mode mean? you can just do tour matches and stuff? big whoop

Also, would def love another sim league Jimmy. Career strike-rates for all ATG players will make it very interesting


likes this
I looked up Josh Cobb's and he's a specialist batsman who has played 117 FC games so far whilst averaging 26.

Much better limited overs record, but damn.