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indian wicket keeper

Long-term Indian wicket keeper

  • Ajay Ratra

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • Parthiv Patel

    Votes: 19 82.6%
  • Deep Das Gupta

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • MSK Prasad

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Vijay Dahiya

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Thilak Naidu

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dinesh Kartik

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Any other (specify)

    Votes: 2 8.7%

  • Total voters


who u guys think should be the long term indian wicket keeper.

i will go with ratra. his record speaks for himself.


International 12th Man
in ODI's, rahul dravid

IN test matches,i think it's asking 2 much from him to keep a whole match and be a vital cog in the batting line-up...Too unreliable as a keeper for a test match as well

I'd go with deep Dasgupta...His batting sets him above the rest, and he's improved his keeping tremendously....Let's remember,when Gilchrist first started keeping,he wasn't that good at all,but now his keeping is brilliant (we've been over this b4,and YES,his keeping is now world class...some ppl r too blind to see the improvement)

So with some time and proper training,dasgupta can become a good keeper as well..he's already shown signs of improvement

By playing dasgupta,they have room for perhaps another bowler,or an allrounder in the team...This is why australia have been so succesful...Gilchrist allows them to play another bowler or an allrounder


U19 Debutant
Nayan Mongia is the best 'keeper in India isn't he?

BTW, I don't think it's accurate to say Gilchrist 'wasn't that good at all' when he started.........I can't remember too many dropped catches or missed stumpings in his first 20 or so tests.....and he had to keep to Warne.


Cricketer Of The Year
From what I remember, Mongia was a good keeper & he was more than capable of scoring handy runs with the bat too.
The only reason why he's not playing is because of his age.


International 12th Man
i remember one game a few years ago,navjot sidhu and nayan mongia opened the batting and tore the aussie bowling to shreds... He is an excellent wicket keeper,and a pretty damn good batsman... I think he had a fall-out with some administrator or the captain or something,bcoz he's not even in consideration now...

Age MIGHT b the reason,but a gut feeling tells me it isn't


the reason of not even including mongia and dravid in the poll is -

mongia is too old and wont be a long term wicket keeper.

dravid, hasnt been too impressive in keeping. he doesnt have the reflexes to stump a batsman and lets not put added responsibilities on him.

V Reddy

International Debutant
Patel for me but his keeping is going down lately. If he doesn't improve then i would go for Dasgupta as he is said to have improved his keeping. Also i wouldn't look at anyone as longterm as who knows in 2 yrs there maybe another very good keeper coming . Kartik has been doing very well in U-19's and so i expect him to be in contention in 2 yrs. Prasad has been the highest scorer for Andhra in the last 2 seasons and so don't rule him out too.


International Debutant
i will go with ratra. his record speaks for himself.
Ratra's record - 6 tests , 163 runs @ 18.11 , 1 X 100 , 0 X 50 , 11 catches , 2 stumpings.

72.3% of Ratra's runs came in one innings , other than that he's done nothing.

12 ODI's , 90 runs @ 12.85 , SR 70.86 , 11 catches , 5 stumpings.

50 FC matches , 1662 runs @ 25.18 , 2 X 100 , 9 X 50 , 114 catches , 15 stumpings.

38 List A matches , 471 runs @ 20.47 , 0 X 100 , 2 X 50 , 37 catches , 8 stumpings.

Amits , Ratra's record is modest to say the least , "His record speaks for itself " is something you say when a player has a good record , Ratra has played one good innings in his international carear , nearly 3 quarters of his runs came in one of his ten innings.

I went for Parthiv , his keeping looked very solid to me , just the one mistake , but even the best stuff up now & then.

His batting showed a lot of determination , he selected his shots wisely & knew when to leave alone.

I beleive he will develope into one of the better keeper / batsman in the world by the time he's 25 , likely not quite in the same class as Gilchrist , Stewart & Flower , but still a very valuable contributor.

Unlike many who have gone before him he did not look oveawed by the situation , he was pumped & looked like he wanted to be out there , he beleived India could win (although not quite to the same extent as you Amits :P ).

Long term he is the best option IMO , Nayan Mongia is clearly the best keeper in India ATM , he was very solid behind the stumps & although his batting was inconsistent he could take an attack apart on his day , as Australia found out as Dehli in 1996.
However age comes into it so I understand him not being there now , although its not exactly what I'd do if I were in charge.


International Captain
Im going for Patel, easily

It takes guts (and grapefruits) to face Australia at 18 years old and play test cricket, he's done very well for me.

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Patel... he has showed promising signs with his batting. He can only improve on what is already an impressive career.


U19 Debutant
amits said:
the reason of not even including mongia and dravid in the poll is -

mongia is too old and wont be a long term wicket keeper.

Sorry Amit, I have to strongly disagree with u. Mongia is not that old(32).
It is known to all that he is a victim of favourism .There's no doubt about his talent and clearly he is the no.1 indian wktkeeper( according to Siddu, Shastri..I heard from ESPN).There was an incident(2001 or 2002) when India toured (NZL or ENG), Mongia was called to replace injured Ratra. Not only he was denied chances to play but also nobody talked to him in the dressing room. He was not even considered for selection, after that. Later somebody in Indian team gave the hint secretly that it'was the Captain's dislike that worked against Mongia.(Mongia was Azhar's favourite.THose who had connection with Azhar were sacked.The only exception is Laxman)
But he still plays for Zaheer's state team Baroda.
So there's no point in not including his name in the list.


U19 Debutant
Patel seems to be getting more votes not fully by his talent, but by his age.He hasn't played enough competitive internal games(like Renji trophy, Irani Trophy..).Let him be matured by palying there...but not in international team which is not suppossed to be a nursery.


International Captain
amits said:
dravid, hasnt been too impressive in keeping. he doesnt have the reflexes to stump a batsman
Doesn't have the relflexes to stump a batsman, but as a batsman he has the reflexes to react to a fast bowler where a batsman has on avgerage of 0.4 seconds to get into pos', chose a shot and excute it, not bad if you ask me.

Basically you can't not have reflexes and also have them elsewhere... quite simply it's it glove work that lets him down and the experiance of how and when to move etc - Keeping is alot harder than just standing catching a ball, a swinging ball at 90mph is no fun, a batsman can leave them all a keeper can't... and then there's standing up too.

At the end of the day he can keep and all he needs to do is work on it a bit more, at the moment he probley does little or no work knowing that he is only covering a game etc, if he was to work on it knowing he was doing it more regular he would improve and become alot more reliable with experiance etc. He obviously has the basics there as he fields at slip alot (or at least has done) and has always been a pretty solid catcher, so it shows he can do it.

Anyway the subject what has P.Patel actually done wrong here??? - His been getting good reviews from the Aussie commentators and the English when India were over here... So why excatly has the fans turned agaist him :rolleyes: - This appears to be a common thing in sports, why is it last week the guy was a god and a week later maybe for no reason or one bad game and he should be dropped. (last paragraph might be mixed up with another thread I read)
Last edited:


Cricket Web Staff Member
Certainly Parthiv Patel for me - a fine, young keeper who albeit a little shaky at times will be there for quite a time yet.


Cricketer Of The Year
Mongia but it would never happen. Patel it is then.

(Notices how Amits' arguement is getting ripped to shreads)


Eyes not spreadsheets
CDAK said:
Patel seems to be getting more votes not fully by his talent, but by his age.
For his age, he is a superb talent and can only get better.

For me, he could make the impact on the side that someone else in the current side (who started at a very early age) did.