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Indian Cricket Dhaba

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International Captain
  • Beat List A highest partnership by 44 runs. 416 between the openers.
  • Scored 88 (32) against one bowler alone
  • Loads of mad scores in other Vijay Hazare games also


Whatever it takes!!!
Jagadeesan has been with CSK for a while and they let him go just this season and now he goes and does that. :laugh:

He is a decent enough prospect at least at an IPL level and I think KKR should go after him in the auction. They need a good Indian keeper/batsman and he is the best one left in the market IMO.


Whatever it takes!!!
Deeply disappointing that final twins' partnership, was hoping for a push to 550 there.
Feel pretty confident in stating the twins were playing for the red ink there. A side gives away 440 in 41 overs and then only gives away run a ball for the last 9? At the Chinnaswamy where 60 metre hits can be 6s? And Sharhrukh Khan was left in the shed?

Amazingly selfish batting AFAIC. It looks like they just wanted red inks to boost their aggregates at the end of VHT with an eye on the IPL auction. And we keep wondering why TN cant win trophies in domestix. We suck at playing for the team these days. :(


International 12th Man
**** who cares about T20s wtf is this:

This is sad. :dry:

I hope the Arunachal Pradesh team finds a way out of this and improve, generally in SC we have knee-jerk reactions(sacking players, coaches, etc.) after these kind of games.


International 12th Man
So Shastri keeps taking subtle digs at Dravid & co. Completely ignoring the fact that our white ball cricket team was an even bigger mess when he was around. We reached the semis and have done well in every bi-lateral game before the WC. Some fine-tuning might be required but the team is doing good.

Bumrah and Jadeja were missing, the team did well without their best white ball bowler and all rounder. Our top 3 batters failed to utilise the power play in the semis on a flat batting deck and that's where we lost the game, these things happen. Shastri needs to be a bit responsible with his criticism.
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Hall of Fame Member
How did Jadeja become our best all rounder in t20s with exactly 0 scores of 50+ in 64 t20Is?

Edit: Although he did score a couple of good 40s this year.


International Captain
And this is the main peeve point for me anyway, I don't have anything bad to say about Dravid and never will. But Rohit was brought in as the captain because he supposedly had a magic winning touch that Kohli lacked on the basis of what we saw in IPL. Having actually gone through his captaincy it's pretty clear the magic touch was mostly about having the absolute best side in the tournament by miles.

Just on the basis of their standings in the team as a batsman and their contribution over time - it's ****ing stupid to have Rohit as captain over Virat, the actual sensible option would have been to phase out both of them and give it to a youngster.