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India-Pakistan air conflict


International Coach
There is such a thing called 'credible threat' in international diplomacy. Pakistan had it, China had it. India didn't. Which is why India could never "diplomatically isolate" Pakistan after repeated attacks. India has now made a credible threat for international community to sit up and take notice. Whether 300 terrorists were killed or a crow is besides the point.

Sure enough US, UK and France have moved UN to declare Masud Azhar an international terrorist. It didn't happen in 12 days after Pulwama but it did after the air conflict. And China is going to feel more pressure than before to fall in line.

Yeah, China gave in.


Balakot strikes was a good move and much needed change in India's response to Pakistan backed terrorism.
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^Good. Now can we get the world to declare Pragya Singh Thakur and Babu Bajrangi as International terrorists?
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