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In The Next Games Are There Going To Be any Major Changes?


International Vice-Captain
well i've heard that for the world cup edition there puting 'new graphics' into the game


International 12th Man
hussainmurtazag said:
it must do many major changes like one's in the peoples wish list ofcourse they have to :dry:
Thats what we thought about 2006 :sleep:
Here's hoping for some new, well-implemented features :) I'm sure the ICC boys are up to it!


Cricket Spectator
I'm still holding out hope for a built-in player/team editor... albeit a very slim one.

I think they'd rather keep releasing seasonal updates so we have to fork out again and again each year when essentially it's the same damn game but with a few extra players.

As I said, here's hoping.


School Boy/Girl Captain
There better be.

It was due for an update years ago.

It's been the same game with a different cover.

Only the stats have been updated.

Actually I've stopped buying the new releases because they got rid of photos of players.



School Boy/Girl Captain
Haha yeah. It seems that the games have actually got WORSE over the years.

I can't stop playing them though! :ph34r: