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If you could have one international player play for your club


U19 Cricketer
Who would you choose?

I'd probably take Flintoff or Kallis. Most players in my comp would struggle to get bat on ball against either and they would undoubtedly get big runs each game.

Pedro Delgado

International Debutant
Anyone else gettin deja vu?

I'd opt for Warne or Murali, maybe Warne as he can bat a little too. Clubmen face pace quite often (80+ very occasionally) but rarely have to face top quality spin; either man would bowl out sides for awful scores, and Warne could be guranteed a few 100's; so Warne.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
At the level I play at, Shahid Afridi would be pretty damn useful - he'd have no trouble hitting every single ball for six, then would take bags of wickets because none of us have ever faced a bad leggie before, let alone a Test-match one!


International Debutant
Well, probably Warne or Murali. Murali doesn't bat as well as Warne, so I'd probably opt for him.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Brett Lee probably, just so I could see how fast 140+kph is.
Apparently he took 6 wickets in his first over in U10 cricket cause he was too fast for them
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Cricketer Of The Year
Honestl, I reckon if Murali played with me he'd get sledged heaps for chucking and eventually the umpires would take him off because of his action


International Debutant
Ray Price, Blignaut or Andy Flower. Or all three, seeing as how they're qualified through Kolpak. It would be interesting to see how they handled playing on a pitch that slopes approximately 15 degrees horizontal to the pitch. Blignaut would love the small dimensions of the ground, as even his mi***** would go for six. He might even repeat the feat of Andy Caddick (benefit match...) and hit Upottery Church tower, about 50m from the ground. Or clear the orchard and get it into the Otter river, or decapitate one of the cows in the Cow Field End.

Another thing, these guys would have to get used to not actually having a pavilion. We have to get changed and have tea in one small room annexed to the Village Hall. A bit of a climbdown for most club sides, let alone internationals.

Price would enjoy the copious turn on offer, particularly if you turn it down the hill (when I bowl I turn it up the hill, form the Cow Field End, as I think it's lucky) and Flower would have no problem combating the pitch or the bowling in the lowest First Team Division in the Devon Cricket League.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Im having second thoughts about my pick really. If I was solely just thinking of my team result, I'd pick Kallis, but there are other factors to consider. I'd love to play with Trevor Gripper, simply because he is/was my favourite player, and he could continually answer my questions. I'd also like to play with a top-class keeper with quick hands like Darren Berry or Tatenda Taibu, as being a spinner, I would get so many more wickets through stumpings that it wouldnt be funny. On a completely selfish note, I could take someone absolutely horrible to make sure I batted higher and bowled more - so somone like Vusi Sibanda or Waddington Mwayenga would come into the reckoning.


International Vice-Captain
Flintoff used to play for my club,before he became a lancs professional.

so i'd take freddy.


Hall of Fame Member
burkey_1988 said:
What about Andrea? She'd be a pleasure to have in the rooms :naughty:
Well, yeah, she'd be a shoe in. However, the thread says "international" players, and Ireland's lack of test status rules her out, unforetunately. She can still come if she wants, though :naughty:...


Whatever it takes!!!
I won't mind Sehwag. He would get wickets, score runs and will make sure that our work outs are as light as possible. ;)