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If Starc makes ODI ATXI , which bowler will most like miss out ?

Bowler most likely to miss out if Starc makes ODI ATXI

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International Debutant
Starc is an ATG ODI bowler and has excellent record in ODI WC . If he has another excellent WC , then his spot in ODI ATXI is almost guaranteed. So which bowler will most likely miss out ?


I commit a bit of heresy and already consider him the GOAT.

Probably Wasim of those you've listed. Probably. It's hard to pick wrong with the all time ODI side since I think it's a bit closer and there's less point using stuff like batting to separate players because they won't be batting much anyway (whereas in tests your tail will spend significant time batting).

Kenneth Viljoen

State Captain
I think he is an ATG ,it's just that he hasn't retired yet and the nostalgia has yet to kick in..What he's been able to do in such a dominant batting era will be hailed by future generations.


International Captain
Pollock, possibly
Can't digest anyone could replace McGrath in ODIs. At least in tests one can always Marshall or Hadlee to be ahead of him.

Adorable Asshole

International Regular
Mcgrath because he doesn't deserve to be in the side even if Starc doesn't make it.

It's Akram, Pollock, Warne, Garner with maybe Hadlee and Flintoff as No. 5.


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Akram is getting short-changed because all his crazy feats get lost in the shuffle. Stupidly long career and the most well rounded skillset. He's one of the first 3 blokes picked in an ODI all time XI.

I'm going with Garner because muh longevity.


International Captain
Probably Garner because relatively speaking, he played far fewer ODIs than the others.

Ali TT

International 12th Man
Plus Starc is not an ATG at all. Look at his record against India, England and South Africa.
Interesting, although his world cup record is obscene even including dud matches v India and England in 2019. However, I wonder if I wanted an Aussie quick in my ATXI, whether I'd go for Lee, whose overall and WC records are marginally inferior but still ace and who has a more consistent record against all-comers.


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He’s a bit like what Steyn was in Tests, but in ODIs

ATG, immense wicket taking option that goes for some on a bad day