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If a non-cricket fan...


U19 Cricketer
For me, Freddie Flintoff or Ian Botham. Both played hard, were amazing fielders, good, quick bowlers and aggressive with the bat. And their personalities also help.


Virat Kohli (c)
Considering its almost impossible to convince a non-cricket fan (especially many from England) that cricket is exciting and not a boring sport (in fact you'd have trouble convincing some of them that it is actually a sport in the first place), I'd have to choose some explosive players.

Gilly would be my first choice. Sehwag, Flintoff and Cairns would be my other choices. Bowlers, I'd go with Akhtar or Bond (when fit obviously) because I can't see them enjoying Warne bowling to a plan, or McGrath bowling line and length troubling batsman.

Slow Love™

International Captain
Jono brings up the fact that non-cricket fans have such an entrenched opinion that the sport is boring. This is all so true. Showing an explosive player like a Gilly, a Sehwag or an Akhtar in action could help, but for me, I'd show some of the tension and players reaching boiling point - some of the funny sendoffs, the personal battles between players. The highlights package that plays at the end of the current Ch9 coverage (where Shannon Noll does the "Come on Aussie" cover) has some of this - Lillee bowling at Tony Grieg's helmet and tapping his own head afterwards... I might even use Shoaib's sendoff of Hayden from the last series. I'd probably stay clear of Sarwan and McGrath's little tete-a-tete though. :)

People not acquainted with the sport seem to perceive it as being kind of passionless, and I think people might change their opinion seeing some of this footage. The over-adamant match referees of late probably don't understand this though.


Cricket Web Staff Member
BoyBrumby said:
Stephen Rodger Waugh... Great player (although not the most naturally gifted)
Where people get that impression from I don't know.
His concentration was about as good as you can get, and if you could teach yourself concentration everyone who wanted to would be as good as him.
He might not have had the biggest range of shots in The World but he was incredibly naturally talented - natural talent isn't just range of shots.

Loony BoB

International Captain
Billy Birmingham

I recently decided to give my American friends some fair play and have been watching the NFL for a week or two. I got so frustrated with how long they delay between plays that I pointed out to them in a quite serious manner that NFL is slower than cricket is, so they have no excuses.