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Ideas for databases, if at all.


U19 Debutant
hello to fellow ICC gamers,
After observing the threads on ICC2005, I have noticed a lack of enthusiasm about it. And I would agree to an extent. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone wanted to throw me some suggestions about databases to create. Some ideas I already have:
- World XI Season - each county becomes a franchise and buys 2 players (one Test/ODI side, one 'A' side) from each country. Salary cap would be 1 mill. or possibly 2.
- Australian Mix-up - using the ACC database, create 18 teams with 18 players, 3 from each state and level (State side, secondXI and U-19).
- Legends - either a complete (which would take a while) or a fantasy database with each of the county teams representing a Country's best ever players. So McGrath playing against Sobers, Pietersen facing Lillee. Interesting but extensive.

Any other ideas and input is appreciated. Thanks.


School Boy/Girl Captain

I would love to see Rebel tour database. e.g. The south african rebel tours of the eighties especially australia and england teams.

I would also like to see a world series cricket database. Australia vs West Indies vs World XI.

Thankyou 8-)

The Baconator

International Vice-Captain
If you could think of enough teams maybe you could do one featuring the greatest teams that ever played together, i.e. West Indies 1980s, Australia 1948 that sort of thing.

Dark Hunter

State Vice-Captain
I like the idea of maybe having an "All-Time county Championship". You know, each counties greatest ever sqaud. If you ever consider doing that, i'd be willing to get stats, stuff like that. I'm not good doing stuff in magpie though, but i'm willing to help in any way.


International 12th Man
Funny coz it's true >.> They've even got this Dan Thomas guy in here LISTENING TO US and they don't care :D


U19 Debutant
Might put this on the back burner as I just bought ICC2005 through childish things. So keep the ideas coming and I will keep a record and see if I am bored one day and feel like messing about.