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I wanna be a test offspiner

test cricketer

School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Im 19 years old going on 20 and i would love nothing more than to be a test allrounder but due to age and my poor levels of fitness ive chosen the lesser physicaly taxing art of being an offspiner but if it doesnt work out i dont mind playing club or amateur cricket problem is i have played almost no cricket i know all the rules as i am a big cricket fan but my playing experience is almost non existant but i do know the basics like how to bat normaly how to bowl seam up without chucking how to catch extc and as an avid cricket fan i do read articles and listen to commentary so i know what is length line the direction of spin for an offspiner legspinner etc anyway i was hoping you guys could suggest some websites videos or advice on how to bowl right arm offspin i dont care much for t20s and odis so i prefer to develop test bowling skills also the cricket is a way for me to heal i suffered from various phobias depression and was racially abused as a kid ect hence why i never continued with cricket so a couple of weeks back i figgured what the heck you only live once so let me try and make my childhood dream a reality


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Seriously tho - just search on youtube and google. Lots Of resources online.

Master your stock ball. Bowl your offbreak tens of thousands of time. Get it to whirr in the air, learn how to pitch it on a dime, and figure out how to control your line, length, pace, spin and flight on a whim.

After that, develop variations - top spinner, armball, carrom ball, maybe experiment with the doosra.

Find a team to play for, get lots of games under your belt, work on your batting and fielding, get your fitness up to where you can bowl 30 high intensity overs each day.

Then you are good to go.
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Realistically tho; unless you are Ajmal you're getting in the team as a number 8 holding bowler who fields decently.


U19 Captain
Realistically tho; unless you are Ajmal you're getting in the team as a number 8 holding bowler who fields decently.
Where did Paul Harris bat? And he couldn't field.

Best bet is the Robin Peterson approach, which ***** describes. Be a good fielder, and Peterson is good; hold a bat the right way; get smashed about the park by any decent batsman that crosses your long hops; let Lara hit you for 14 6s in a row. Gather some groupies as you've got a national contract and can afford a lobster dinner and some Fanta Grapes.

Man, I should also be a Test off-spinner.


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Based on the only Test off spinner I knew quite well and grew up playing with, the two things you need - regardless of effectiveness - is a nice classical action which makes the old-timers coo and the ability to bowl long spells.


State Captain
As an off spinner myself I'd say the first thing you have to do is, get fit. There are very few professional cricketers left that make test level without exceptional fitness.

Secondly, take it easy, firstly start playing for a club, you have to understand how difficult cricket really is, amd of you make your club's first team then you can try and get scouted by an academy

Usually all top divisions' will have some great players /players with connections so if you are serious then you can ask for a trial/net with one of them but it's a serious business and I'd have to think Atm that youre trolling so