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How Many Centuries Will Phil Hughes Score?


International Debutant
Very surprised if it is less than three, personally. I think Swann will be the key man England will look to trouble him with, but how many will he get before making a mistake? Ominous. Like a huge shadow looming across everything England do at the moment.
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Cricketer Of The Year
Only one. The rest of the times he gets going he will be stranded on 90* as we run through the batsmen at the other end.


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Will say 3. Reckon he'll go through England like Charmyne Palavi through an NRL team.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Who knows. He might burn all his run-scoring for Middlesex.

However, he doesn't, yet, seem to be the type who stops scoring runs. So, well... who knows?

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Well Mark Taylor scored 2 centuries and 5 half-centuries in his debut Ashes series. Expecting a similar output from Phil Hughes.

Will be happy enough for Hughes to average mid-40's, prove that he is a capable cricketer. If Hughes goes on to have a massive series the expectation's for the future will be huge for such a young cricketer. The expectation is big enough as it is.