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How Australia improved its one-day fortunes


Cricketer Of The Year
Good to see the blond boys getting their dues. Australia way more fun to watch when Lee and Watto are playing.


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Tbh I think the biggest change is in the teams they've played. Who have they beaten that they weren't beating before?

The good thing about Australia, the thing that hasn't changed with the retirement of so many great players, is their professionalism. You know what you're going to get with the Aussies. When faced with a sub-standard England team, a crap West Indies team, a disinterested Pakistan team and New Zealand minus Vettori+Ryder, you can count on them not to screw up. Unlike, say, Pakistan.

I'd compare them to Roger Federer. No longer what they were, but still consistent enough to win the tournament when everyone else blunders somewhere down the line.


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Solid article. But TBH even when AUS where having a bit of trouble vs SA & NZ early this year, it was really all down to injuries anyway. So it shouldn't be a real surprise that now that the ODI is back to full-strenght, that the solid perfromances have returned.