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Hoping someone can help - 1982 Springboks Squad


Cricket Spectator

This is my first post here and, looking at the other posts I'm pretty sure I came to the right spot. I've recently come across a cricket bat in my parents home that I won in a raffle back in the early 80's (which I always knew was there but which I had kindof forgotten). It's a Clive Rice bat and is personally signed by the Springbok (South Africa) and the West Indies teams.

Cross-checking the West Indies signatures against this website South African rebel tours - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I have concluded that the bat was signed by the 1982 Windies side - I have a spreadsheet and have checked off the names (I have 16 confirmed signatures, one unconfirmed signature and then Everton Mattis who's signature I don't think is there).

I would like to do the same on the South African side but cannot for the life of me find a squad list for the 1982 side.

If anyone has, or knows where to find the 1982 Springbok Cricket squad list I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks Guys


Cricket Spectator
Thanks a heap Fuller... That worked! I have found all names on my bat except for one.

Now to find someone who can clean the bat without destroying the signatures :-).


Fuller Pilch

International Vice-Captain
No worries mate. Good luck with getting it cleaned. Should I PM you my bank account details you decide to sell it? :D


Cricket Spectator
Ha! Yeah, the problem is that I have been looking around Ebay and it's probably worth a total of a few hundred bucks at best. No retirement plan for either of us with that one :D. I might have to let the kids start using it at matches as it's more expensive to buy a new bat... Oh well, at least it has a story behind it.