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Have you ever wanted someone to beat (Edit: or succeed against) the team you support?

Ali TT

International Regular
I saw England lose to Sri Lanka at Trent Bridge in 2006. Once it was obvious that we were done, it looked possible that Murali could take all ten. He took seven then Hoggard got lazily run out, almost like he did it in purpose to prevent history being made.

On a more serious note, I was delighted to watch England get smashed in the 2015WC, bringing the end to Peter Spreadsheets, Coach-of-a-Generation Moores and finally breaking 20+ years of limited over myopia in English cricket.


International Regular
Have I ever wanted another team to beat Zimbabwe? No. I've been apathetic about the result but never actively wanted them to lose.

Have I ever wanted another team to beat New Zealand? Sometimes, if it's an upset. Ebadot winning that test for Bangladesh, for example. And I like to see visiting teams put up a fight in NZ.

tony p

First Class Debutant
Never wanted Australia to lose, but I always wanted VVS Laxman to score runs against us, which fortunately he did very often.