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Have you ever wanted someone to beat (Edit: or succeed against) the team you support?

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International Debutant
Someone asked earlier what was so good about Steve Waugh's last ball 100 at the SCG!

It got me thinking, it was maybe the one time I've ever rooted for an Australian against England.

It was one of those where in truth, probably some of the England players didn't mind him getting it all that much.

Other than for example you want a change in management/captaincy in your own team (but talk about that too if you like), have you ever cheered for the opposition?


Hall of Fame Member
No, I don't think so. With hindsight, Australia thrashing us at Edgbaston 1975 was a very good thing as it meant we were rid of Denness. But I couldn't honestly say I felt that way at the time. 12 months later, WI beating us after Greig's stupid 'grovel' comment would have sweet to English supporters who were more aware of the significance of these things than I was at the time.
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International Coach
I don’t think I’ve ever rooted against Australia. Maybe rooted for a player I like to get a personal milestone but still lose or if the result is already practically decided.

I suspect there were some Australians who wanted Stokes to get up at Headingley.
Yeah because we ****ing love Ben Stokes.


Cricketer Of The Year
I'd have to be honest and say I've at times wanted my side to lose during the Gary Stead era to expose him for the fraud he is. But it never quite pans out that way, he seems to win just enough that the public doesn't care enough and the Board can point to decent enough results to not have to go and look for someone better.

Never in Tests though, I love that format too much.