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Hate their personality, love their game.


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Anyway, as this has gone a tad off-topic, I thought I might broaden it out to a few more confuddlings of the mind, I mentioned in the golf thread I find Spieth boring, but admit he's very good, and there's really nothing I hate about him, apart from having a surname as a first name, which isn't his fault and is just Yank stupidity, (Brooks, Webb, Keegan WTF). So anyone else you acknowledge as brilliant but you just don't care about, don't hate but well let's face it the Simpsons created a three-letter word about it, overused now but a genuine genius moment. I've said many times Nadal, Djokovic and Murray, but tennis have had a fair few for some reason, Lendl and Sampras, just seems to be impassive demolition is a thing of the ATP.

Try not to say something like Jahangir Khan, because I hate squash, do it for sports you like, mind you that might be another subject, people that transcend sports and you like them despite being indifferent to it. Oh I'm just meandering as my money I've bet in the Open is flowing away as fast as the river Jordan.


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was always very sympathetic toward Benoit. People who say 'but it was HIS wife and child! you simply cannot forgive' clearly havent been around someone with dementia before

of course this goes out the window if the research was bogus, but they claimed his brain had degenerated to the point of a late stage alzheimers patient, so yeah I have sympathy. Bloke took a ton of chairshots to the back of his head

Shady Slim

International Vice-Captain
ben roethlisberger a prime example of this if literally like one percent of what i've heard about him is remotely true