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Has or will Jadeja overtake Kapil?

The Better Allrounder

  • Kapil is simply a better cricketer

    Votes: 13 76.5%
  • Jadeja has already overtaken Kapil

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Jadeja will overtake Kapil by the end of his career

    Votes: 1 5.9%

  • Total voters


International Captain
Mentioned in the other thread. I don't rate Jadeja as much as others but interested to see if his rating on this forum is now eclipsing that of Kapil, or if he is in line to by the end of his career.


International Coach
Kapil is under rated here. I still have him as 2nd greatest indian cricketer off all time after Sachin.

A better both format cricketer then Sunny, Dravid, Ashwin and Jadeja and a world cup winning captain @24 defeating two time defending champion in the final
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International 12th Man
Kapil's record would've looked really different had he retired on time or at least focused only on batting towards the end of his career. Having said that, I think he is highly underrated. People only talk about a couple of his popular performances, but some of his performances were just freakish to say the least.

For.e.g This 95 ball test century against Holding, Roberts, Marshall, Garner in the 2nd innings.

The other all-rounders of the 80s weren't that effective against a full steam WI bowling lineup. Sure Hadlee had a couple of good knocks against them but those were in NZ with the umpires just to ready to give any decisions in favour of WI. I remember watching the bowlers just hopping towards the crease and bowling military medium coz they were fed up with the umps.
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No need to argue either way as both are great players and would be in an all time squad if not the team depending on where the match was played. Bit difficult comparing a spinner with a pace bowler really.


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Ashwin kind of makes Jadeja feel less valuable imo. Talent wise maybe he's a better player but his record and impact on the team will never be as significant as Kapil
Kapil gets downgraded as Botham and Imran were better all rounders for large parts of his career too. Just appreciate them all for the fantastic players they were.