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Handle Materials


Cricket Spectator
Hello Everyone. i've been trying to find an answer for my univeristy project for a couple of hours now and thought some of you guys might know.

What type of rubber are the rubber inserts in a handle made from?

If anyone knows i would be massivly greatful if yu could post me the answer.




International Captain
on a serious note..what do those rubber things in the handle actually do, I havent a clue.
I know as a kid, we used to call them 'springs'...a 3 springer was better than a 2 springer, but I have a feeling we were chatting ****


International 12th Man
hmm i'd say it absorbs shock, as well as transfers power better to the actual bat.

it's also a better way of bonding the wood together (most handles are 9 piece or above) so instead of glueing wood against wood (which wouldn't last long considering the forces acting on the bond), something more flexible and absorbing would be required.

I dunno what material is used, but you could probably email a bat manufacturer and get a reply


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you have forgotten my personal favorite, the magnum.

"I'd really like to continue talking about this conversation but, I have to go pee"

As for the question at hand, I personally have no idea. The only work I've seen done on improving handle dynamics was Middlepeg and their work in using Kevlar inserts to increase the energy transferred from the handle upon impact to the rest of the bat.