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Guess the cricketer from their stats


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Batting at all 11 positions was a dead giveaway.

Here's a bowler and his averages by bowling position:

1st: 19.15
2nd: 22.20
3rd: 40.25
4th: 25.00
5th: 30.00
6th: 38.00


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Guess #1 was a lot closer than #2 though #2 does have one thing in common with the chosen player.


International Captain
Which former captain boasts these Test batting averages?

@3 – 105.00
@5 – 27.00
@6 – 55.36
@7 – 30.54
@8 – 69.77


Audio File
Bowling average by continent

in Africa13.58
in Americas19.71
in Asia28.64
in Europe40.71
in Oceania29.84

And innings-by-innings

1st match innings40.22
2nd match innings31.60
3rd match innings26.50
4th match innings23.37