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Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

King Pietersen

International Captain
Mertens looking great for Belgium, really bright on the right hand side. Nothing from Lukaku up top though. Sums him up really, one day he can be magnificent, and dominate defenders, the next he can look clueless. Not really surprised Jose isn't too bothered about keeping him around.

Vermaelen just gone off injured. Could jeopardise the potential move to United if it's a bad one.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Watching Russia is just like watching England under Capello, no pace, no hunger and boring.

How has this dinosaur kept getting high profile jobs?

King Pietersen

International Captain
“Another daft scheme Bents and I came up with was seeing who could say ‘Postman Pat’ as loudly as possible within earshot of the gaffer.

“I’d walk past Capello and say ‘Postman Pat’ out of the corner of my mouth, but Bentley took it to another level when he would walk straight up to the boss and scream ‘Postman Pat!’ in his face before adding ‘And his black and white cat!’ for good measure.
Jimmy Bullard sheds some light on the plight of David Bentley - The Tottenham Way

David Bentley sounds awesome, always thought he'd be a bit of a ****, but this story is amazing.

This game is awful. The Russians are a dire team to watch, as all Capello sides are. Hopefully we'll get a goal soon and it'll open it up for the last 10-15.


David Bentley sounds awesome, always thought he'd be a bit of a ****, but this story is amazing.
Had him pegged as a **** ever since he mouthed off about how **** Arsene Wenger was when he left Arsenal tbh. This article has done nothing to change my outlook on him.


Global Moderator
Russia have been pretty good all day but they've not half fallen asleep in these last few minutes


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That was dire, but it's good that Belgium won, Russia are obnoxious. Better use of subs made the difference, Russia looked so wrecked by the end.