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Group F - Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia


Hall of Fame Member
When they play with that intensity and passion they are incredible to watch. They rarely ever do though.
Yeah, they can be awesome, ridiculously so. Obviously the diving and whatnot can leave a sour taste in the mouth but there are so many of their players that I really like.


If we can get our attack a bit better we have ourselves a team.

Of course, we're about to be raped by overseas clubs, so we'll have to see who is left.


Not Terrible
Who'd have thunk it? Also awesome to hear a quarter of NZ watched the match against Italy, would expect similar tonight. Amazing really.


Hall of Fame Member
I thought England were the most hated team at the WC but with all the texts and Facebook status' it's obvious Italy is the clear winner - or loser, depending on how you see that.


Cricketer Of The Year
Extremely proud of the All Whites, what a tremendous group of players - pitted against some of the best sides in the world, and to get the three draws in the world's best tournament, well, thats phenominal for a country ranked 78 in the world. Throw in the win against Serbia too. Sensational campaign, am hoping theres a massive turnout at the airport to celebrate their achievements on their return home.

cover drive man

International Captain
Well Italy are gone. Quite interesting world cup so far. Does anyone have any idea why we've had so many shocks in this world cup?


Cricketer Of The Year
I might watch the replay of that Italy game.
Just watching the brief highlights on TV1 of the Italy match following our 0-0 draw, it looked like a great game, plenty of goals, another cleared off the line and one scored from an offside...might well catch the replay myself!