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Group F - Ireland, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka


Global Moderator
If Pakistan take care of Ireland (and that's a big if of course), then I expect that they would win at least one of the games against NZ or SL. That should set them up in a strong position to qualify for the Semi's.


Norwood's on Fire
Hmm, tough to call this group, have to go with SL & NZ to go through - but not writing either of the other teams off

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
NZ should let one of their guys be ruled out of the tournament through injury and bring Bond in.

SL should beat them so that'll be them through, as for Pakistan it'll depend whether they're interested or not as to whether it's them or NZ who make it.


Not Terrible
In other news Franklin looks like hes injured and out of the tournament.

Bond to be called in.


First Class Debutant
Srilanka 'll qualify
& i think Pakistan 'll be the other team
don't know why, but we always had an upper hand on Newzealand as well as on srilanka
but srilankan bowlers doesn't look like giving us much of runs lol
so i guess we may 've a chance against Newzealand


First Class Debutant
By the way my another prediction coming true, newzealand beating South Africa
don't know the result yet but i'm backing newzealand for this

straw man

International Coach
Don't like NZ being talked up as easily through to the next round, and especially don't like all these injuries. Sri Lanka have the wood on us and we only have a couple of players who can play spin adequately (not well, just adequately). Seem to remember Pakistan batsmen always score runs against us too, though to be honest I feel like I haven't seen Pakistan play in about 5 years and only recognise half the team. So not sure what to expect. Playing Ireland first, so need to make sure of that one.

The group will be interesting and fairly tricky for all I think.