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Group E - Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Sweden

Which teams will qualify from this pool?

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Scaly piscine

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Ooft. What a counter.

What a very Italian performance, kept Belgium completely at arms length. Aside from France I reckon that's easily been the most impressive performance of the tournament so far.
Yep might give England a game in the final :ph34r:


Also, one other selection that hasn't really been commented on, Alderweireld and Vertonghen being split up to accomodate Vermaelen. Lolsy.
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King Pietersen

International Captain
Italy are the best side I've seen so far. Solid in defence, dynamic going forward, and Pelle led the line superbly. Candreva and Giaccherini are absolute workhorses in midfield, and you'll do well to get past Buffon in goal. Didn't come in with any hype at all, but they look solid. Not sure they'll win it, but been the most impressive side so far. Florenzi, El Shaarawy and Immobile on the bench as well, they've got decent depth.


Ha, yeah I tweeted about the Varmaelen thing. Seemed odd.
It's just so odd. I mean, if you really wanted to get Vermaelen in, it would have made more sense for him to play at fullback. That would still be a nonsense move, of course, but it would have been better than shoehorning Vertonghen in there.


International Vice-Captain
Enjoyed the Italy game. Belgium haven't moved on since the WC. Italy with no egos in the team were impressive. Candreva down the right had a great game.

So as a United fan it was interesting to see Fellaini do nothing different than I'm used too. Occasional good work undone by how he can unbalance a team and force a way of playing.


International Vice-Captain
Missed the second half of this :@ ... So tired after morning in hospital ... But going to catch Friday's game against Sweden.


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I'm reminded of why I don't rate O'Neill, he doesn't consider attacking cohesion at all. Taking off Hoolahan meant we had to go long, but he'd already taken off Walters.
Turns out they were both injured so forget this, O'Neill in.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Also, one other selection that hasn't really been commented on, Alderweireld and Vertonghen being split up to accomodate Vermaelen. Lolsy.
Haven't they been playing as the full backs internationally for quite some time though?


Yeah, Belgium have a real issue with fullbacks at the moment. The only reason Vermaelen is playing is because Kompany is out for the trounament and they have literally no fullbacks behind those two. Personally don't think Vermaelen at fullback is better than at centreback, especially against Italy who's only attacking plus players are their wingers.


International Vice-Captain
Watching the Italy vs Sweden this afternoon. Just wanting to see if I made the right choice in who will win this whole thing,or if I have just chosen them based on something other than their footballing skills lol.


Hall of Fame Member
As far as hair goes, the Italians know how to do it. A class apart from the other teams.


International Vice-Captain
Who's more swoonable; Graziano Pelle or Olivier Giroud?
I find that a difficult choice tbh, Pelle very handsome, but Giroud looks as if he would be a good laugh on a night out...sorry it doesn't really answer your question..