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Group D - France, Denmark, Tunisia, Australia

Who will qualify from the group?

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Started pushing forward again in the last few minutes of the half.

It’s tough but if Aus just sits back like we did for about 15 minutes after France’s first goal, they’ll put another three past us at least. Also, we aren’t Brazil 82 so maybe let’s not dick around in our own box


International Coach
Think we'd really benefit with Alfie Langer running just behind the line of attack giving instructions - origin style - bright green 'trainer' shirt and all.


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This will royally shaft any chance of getting out of the group. Shades of 2010


International Vice-Captain
The Aussies started well but were never going to be able to hold that goal. That’s one of the worst Aussie sides I have ever seen. A complete lack of speed allowed France to torch them. If the other 2 sides have less speed then they might be ok to grab a couple of draws.