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Group D - France, Denmark, Tunisia, Australia

Who will qualify from the group?

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Norwood's on Fire
Come on, you can do better than stealing patter from that **** PEWS.
Yes true

Is the reason you’d hate an England Australia final because we’d win at a canter? As IIRC you actually don’t mind the quality of our football


Evil Scotsman
As IIRC you actually don’t mind the quality of our football
Nah, there's players in the England side I actually quite like. The quality of the football under Southgate is largely horrendous.

Fortunately there's enough ****s in the side that I stop well short of actually being ok with you winning the thing.

straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Congrats Ozzies! That's a great result for a pretty unfancied side - weren't thought to have much up front but two absolutely brilliant finishes from Duke and Leckie this tournament.