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Group C Discussion - Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Croatia


Hall of Fame Member
Pirlo with a beauty and Italy should be up by more than 1 at half time. They have Croatia's number.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Italy having a very non-Italy tournament, they're actually playing well and not getting the results, normally the opposite way round.


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Backing Ireland at 12/1, could be embarrassed but I like those odds. We turn up against big teams, plus we're used to playing the anti-Spain system.


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He's always been overrated, never leaves his line. Henry's handball goal was his fault. But now he's letting a few loose ones in too. It's really not what we need.


International Debutant
Well, didn't see the game against Croatia so can't really comment, but don't think he's too much to blame for that goal. Torres should never have got the ball.


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I try to watch as many of Spain's international matches as possible, and I'm not sure I can remember the last time time Alonso or Busquets forced a save when they tee one up from outside the box. So frustrating