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Group B - India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka


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the platform might not allow you to bet on both. I'd just create another account tho. whats this on?


I want to change something.

Initially I said Ind would top the group but they fielded horribly and if it wasn't for dropped chances, their batting would have been below par. SA have superior fielding and superior batting imo.

I think they will top the group.


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Hi! Its always nice to see a member from Sri Lanka at CW. We have always had gun people from there like Migara and Himaanv.


International Debutant
Fantastic result for us today. Particularly impressed with Gunathilake who I thought played a very sensible innings for someone so young..glad to see Mendis show his potential too. I am worried though about the number of injuries we have and hope we get it sorted by the Pakistan game !


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This group will come to two effective quarter finals. Let's hope rain doesn't spoil them!

SL Bada

Cricket Spectator
Murali's induction, the music and that win. Good day overall. SL punching above their weight in a global tournament again. Injuries are almost comical though.


Whatever it takes!!!
Yeah.. kinda forgot but it was almost a perfect day for SL fans given Murali's induction as well. Very real chance of going through to the semis now as well if the weather holds up. If I have to pick now, and assuming we get full games, I think South Africa and Sri Lanka will go through. South Africa are a strong ODI outfit and I do not see India recovering from the kick they have received in this game. Pakistan and Sri Lanka game should be tight esp. with Pak's fast bowling a real chance to bowl Sri Lanka out but Pak are also pretty hit and miss, so I feel this time SL will scrape through.


The Tiger King
It'll be hard for SA to go through given that it is now a pressure situation.

India are still one of the favorites in the tournament. This loss was quite unexpected. I am not sure why Kohli prefers Umesh Yadav over Shami. In comparison to Shami i always thought Yadav was quite brainless. Once Shami is back India have one of the best attacks for the tournament. Once the batting goes full throttle they will be a hard bunch to beat.

India should still back themselves to win on Sunday.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka game is hard to call. There is no way that Pakistan could have chased anything over 300 like Sri Lanka did today. On the flip side I can't imagine Sri Lanka putting on the brakes of a batting powerhouse like SA. Tough call but if Sri Lanka can win the toss and bat first then they should be favorites given that Pak can't chase anything over 250